Meeting Notes - October 14, 2014

1) Welcome & Introductions

Cheu and Cruz welcomed the members to the first meeting of the academic year. The team introduced themselves.

2) Charge, Goals, Ground Rules, Principles, Activities & Training of Campus Budget Team Members

Cheu and Cruz reviewed the Charge, Goals, Ground Rules, Principles, Activities & Training of Campus Budget Team Members.

3) Budget Updates

Watson advised the team that the 2014-15 Adopted Budget was posted to the web site for them to review at a convenient time. As it is 122 pages he would not review it at the meeting.

Watson gave an in depth review of the 2014-15 Budget Presentation to Board of Trustees. This document provides an overview of the main points of the 2014-15 adopted budget.

Cheu shared a document named De Anza Budget 2014-15. This spreadsheet gave a summary of the District budget and also a breakdown of the De Anza budget. Specifically, it addressed the State Budget Impact on FHDA for 2014, FHDA & De Anza Current  Budget  and De  Anza College Discretionary Budget Review (B-­‐Budget). The projected shortfall for the 2014-15 year for De Anza College is $1.3million.

 4)  Student Success & Support Program (SSSP or 3SP)

Cook presented an overview of the SSSP Program. She reviewed in detail the Core SSSP activities; student equity indicators; equity crosswalk (learning communities); and annual State matriculation /SSSP funding allocation to the District.

Funding will be based on direct services to students.

Students’ enrollment priority is based on completion of SSSP activities. Full time students will be given priority registration as long as they have completed the SSSP activities.

Department/disciplines are encouraged to investigate the format of learning communities as a way to connect with students.

No "undecided" selection is available to students under SSSP.

International Students are covered under SSSP.

Counselors are give differing information to students. Request to better educate counselors so correct and accurate information is provided to students.

SSSP will be presented to the DASB later in the month.

Feedback/questions/concerns are welcomed, please email Stacey Cook.

The student equity plan is due to the chancellor’s office January 2015.

5) Quick News

International/non resident student fees are much higher as they more closely reflect the full cost of a unit. These students' fees are not subsidized by the State.

The DASB budget is $1.4M. Quang Nguyen (DASB rep) is very excited to be on the DASB finance team which allocates funds.


Bret Watson
Lorna Maynard
MaryEllen Goodwin
Mayra Cruz
Paula Joseph
Quang Nguyen DASB
Rob Mieso
Susan Cheu
Teri Gerard

Notes: Pippa Gibson

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