Meeting Notes - November 10, 2009

1) Approve Notes October 27, 2009

The notes were approved.

2) Mike Brandy's Budget Update to the Board of Trustees (Nov. 6, 2009)

Jeanpierre displayed the Chancellor's powerpoint update to the Board of Trustees. She reviewed and explained each slide. She noted that the District were considering moving the cost of approx. 5 positions to Measure C, but this would be an ongoing commitment to the Measure C funding source which couldn't be undone in better budget times. The drawback is that funds would be pulled from Measure C equipment dollars. There was a question about if staff had been hired specifically for Measure C.

In summary, the total FHDA deficit is $12M FY 10-11 (assuming negotiated benefits change implementation, no other revenue reductions, and no other expense increase).

De Anza College's share would be $4.1M FY 10-11. This figure was made up of $1.8M from the general fund and $2.3M from categoricals. This dollar amount is equivilant to approx. 50 positions

The January / February time frame would be critical due to upcoming deadlines.

3) Most Recent Categorical Cuts and ARRA Funds Update

Jeanpierre displayed and reviewed in detail B. Watson’s worksheet. These figures are based on the latest information as of November 2, 2009. ARRA funds will go to categoricals.

The State decided the percentage distribution of the cuts. The percentage distribution of these cuts has been changing constantly. Money is given to the district as a block grant. The Districts then decide where to spend the money. All the funding for part-time office hours has been cut. Foothill does not have fund balance, so has less options.

The updated numbers for De Anza College, based on the latest FHDA update, will be distributed as soon as possible. Although the numbers are changing, the process remains the same.

4) Report back from PBTs on Budget Discussions

I PBT: Lee Klawender said the IPBT were meeting this afternoon and would be revisiting program reviews. The divisions were asked to come up with their suggestions for budget reductions and then the IPBT would match up these suggestions with the program reviews. Each division made its own rubric as every division is different.

F&ER PBT: Jeanpierre reminded that group that they had identified the cuts mainly thru attrition. Our custodial and grounds department staffing has been reduced to bare minimum.

The team agreed to cancel the November 24, 2009 meeting due to the short week and likelyhood that there would not be any new news.

Argyriou, Bloom, Guevara, Jeanpierre, Lee-Klawender, Schroeder, Sellitti, Simes, Su (DASB). Notes: Gibson

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