Meeting Notes - November 29, 2016

Approve Notes From November 1, 2016

The notes were approved

Standard III.D. Accreditation Work Draft as of 11/28/16

The team reviewed the combined document narrative in detail as per the attachment linked in the agenda item title. The team discussed and clarified many areas during the working session. The updated draft of the document is posted here: AccreditationNarrative_Std_III_D_post_CampusBudget_11_29_2016.docx

Cheu asked the team to complete their sections and send her the narrative to add to the document. The final draft narrative would be reviewed at the next meeting on December 6, 2016. This draft would be presented to the campus for review.

Quick News

Cheu is working on the budget presentation and would bring it to the January 2017 meeting.

The team thanked Bret Watson for his contribution over the years and wished him good luck at Foothill in his Interim Associate Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services position.

The team welcomed Pam Grey as the new Associate Vice President, College Operations. 

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