Meeting Notes - February 27, 2018

Approve Notes from January 30, 2018

The notes were approved with the addition of "Instructional Equipment" to the Budget Reduction Proposals paragraph. The paragraph now reads: "Scheduled maintenance/Instructional Equipment funding is historically where money is taken from when other funding projects take precedent".

Budget Reduction Updates and Strategies

The new funding formula is still unclear. Department of Finance posted simulations for the new funding model but took them down and have reposted some different information.

Clarification on how to count actual dollar amount of savings for RIF analysis. Classified and managers: De Anza would get full salary & benefits amount based on actual costs of the position at time of layoff.

Faculty is dependent on a number of factors: De Anza would get credit for full salary & benefits amount based on actual costs of the position at time of layoff if we do not have to backfill with 1320 (part-time faculty) and do not go over the estimated 1320 figure for the year. This year De Anza has a high 1320 estimate. If 1320 (part-time) backfill is needed, De Anza would only get approx. $20k credit from district which is the difference between 1320 costs and actual salary & benefits.

PBTs are close to finalizing their reductions.

IPBT: Teams are reviewing current data for every program based on a matrix and will have results by next week. There is a 10am – 3pm meeting on Friday, March 9, 2018 for identified programs to speak to the value of their programs. Check the website for more information.

SSPBT: Are moving along.

FPBT: Have identified and approved tier 1 & 2 and have presented tier 3 for feedback and approval at March 16, 2018.

President's area: Cheu will request a status update.

District is looking into retirement incentives but this is a negotiated item.

Foothill have a larger B budget so are able to identify savings from B. Foothill also have a similar dollar amount of carryforward as De Anza but do not have the same level of ongoing expenses.

Guided Pathways Update

A number of staff attended a Statewide workshop on setting up a guided pathway program on campus. Meta-majors are common courses for majors to help students identify and navigate their way to achieving their goal more quickly. In other works to speed up completion. Departments to be more collaborative and communicative to reduce barriers to student success. State Chancellors Office has incentivized this program by identified $150M in categorical funding that colleges can apply for. This would mean approx. a $1.5M allocation for De Anza over a 5-year period. No parameters on expenditures at this stage. Guided Pathways allocation Information website:

Every college has applied for a portion of the funding.

A core team of ten from De Anza meets weekly and is tasked with applying for the grant and submitting documents.

Work plan over 18 months (the inquiry phase) is to have internal dialogue and bring together constituent groups to gather information and solicit feedback and recommendations. This is due at the end of March 2018. .

BOG is tasked with approving assessment instruments used by the system. This may mean that the current assessment testing may change/be eliminated. AB705 is closely tied to the Basic Skills program.

Phases: Inquiring. Designing. Implementing.

Locally based and driven by each college. One college has 12 meta-majors and another has 4.

Students would like to be apart of the discussion and should reach out to Karen Chow.

Quick News


Present: Cheu, Chow, Gerard, Gore, Kirkpatrick, Le (DASB), Rogriguez, Shively, Varela. Apologies: Kandula, Mieso, Pingali.

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