Meeting Notes - October 6, 2015

Welcome & Introductions

Cheu and Cruz welcomed the members to the first meeting of the academic year. The team introduced themselves. 

Charge, Goals, Ground Rules, Principles, and Training Members

Cheu and Cruz reviewed the Charge, Goals, Ground Rules, Principles, Activities & Training of Campus Budget Team Members.

2015 -16 Budget

2015-16 Adopted Budget

2015-16 Board Of Trustees Adopted Budget Presentation 

Cheu advised the team that the 2015-16 Adopted Budget is posted to the web site. As it is 124 pages she invited the team to review it at their leisure.

Quinonez gave an in depth review of the 2015-16 Board Of Trustees Adopted Budget Presentation . This document provides an overview of the main points of the 2016-16 adopted budget.

Quinonez made the following points during his presentation.

2015-16 will be the first time the FHDA budget has been structurally balanced for many years. The estimated structural surplus for 2015-16 is $3,317,834.

The ending fund balance for 2014-15 is $48,551,766. The 2014-15 FHDA carryforward amount is $12,583,602.

To boost enrollment both campuses use enrollment stimulus dollars. It is replenished each year by the District to maintain the $2M balance.

The colleges to a great job of enrollment management and although the district’s enrollment has been in a decline for the past few years it has now flattened out. This trend has been seen in the majority of other districts. The few exceptions where growth has been seen are in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas. 100 FTES is approx. $460,000 in revenue. The State has capped the growth formula at 1% and it is based on district boundaries not service areas.

San Mateo, West Valley/Mission, San Jose/Evergreen are now basic aid districts. The impact of this to FHDA, if any, will become apparent in due time.

There has been a lot of discussion around an extension of Prop 30 for higher income earners.

B-Budget Standardization

Cheu presented a PowerPoint named  2015_16_B_Budget_Standardization_Oct2015

The Vice Chancellor, Business Services requested that both campuses prepare a plan to reduce the carryforward balances. The campuses can spend down funds over a four to five year period. The Vice President of Finance for both colleges would analyze the spending history and propose a spend down plan. Cheu reviewed past B Budget & augmentation spending patterns. 

Part 1: If the committee agrees, recommend that College Council approve distributing the proposed amounts to the PBTS’s for allocation:

Finance & College Ops: $558,360

Student Services: $523,291

Instruction: $1,183,669

College Wide: $21,880

Communications: $214,262

President: $92,751

Note: A<->B Budget Transfers are not included in above amounts

Part 2: If the committee agrees, recommend proceeding with hiring new positions with one-time funding, understanding that may need to be terminated if additional funding is not secured in the next few years.

Use carryforward balance to hire positions in areas that need additional assistance but have no other funding source

Allocate approximately $465,000/year for new positions and $134,000/year to backfill existing changes

The PBT’s compiled lists of positions in the Spring that were reviewed by Senior Staff

Six new recommended positions:

A&R Enrollment Specialist

Assistant A&R Director

Grounds Gardner II

Tech Trainer

CTE Development Coordinator

Women’s Equipment Manager (50% position)

The team approved forwarding both plan1 & plan 2 to College Council for review and approval.

SSSP 2015-16 Plan & Budget for Review & Feedback by 10/9/15

Mieso presented an overview of the SSSP plan & budget for review and feedback. .

The SSSP 2015-16 plan is due to the State by October 30, 2015. This is a very tight timeline. Mieso reported that the data showed that the College had been successful in providing the core services to students for the 2014-15 year. There are many challenges that all colleges have faced, including the money allocated had to be used quickly and hiring of qualified staff took time. These staff were needed to give the students the support and services identified under SSSP specifications. Mieso and the SSSP team work closely with Equity, Student Services, DARE, Basic Skills, Instruction, and Learning Communities to achieve the SSSP goals.

Mieso requested the team send him feedback by October 9, 2015.

Quick News


Present: Cheu, Cruz, Gerard, Joseph, Mieso, Quinonez, DASB: Naeema Kaleem. Notes: Gibson

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