Meeting Notes - Oct. 12, 2010

1) Welcome & Introductions

Michaelis gave apologies for Jeanpierre who is at a conference. Michaelis welcomed the members to the fist meeting of the academic year. The team introduced themselves.

2) Charge, Goals, Ground Rules, Principles, Activities & Training of Campus Budget Team Members

Michaelis reviewed the Charge, Goals, Ground Rules, Principles, Activities & Training of Campus Budget Team Members. The reference to MERS would be updated now the district uses Banner.

3) Approval of Notes June 8, 2010

The notes were approved with clarification needed on the East Cottage reference.

 4) 2010-2011 Adopted Budget

Michaelis advised the group that the link to FHDA 2010-2011 Adopted Budget Presentation and the Link to 2010-11 Adopted Budget is posted on the website for reference.

5) Overview of Funds

Michaelis passed out two handouts explaining the type of funds the district has, the 2010-2011 adopted budget summary for all funds, and an explanation of the general purpose (fund 14) money. The Campus Budget committee mainly deals with general fund money.

The team reviewed the handout Fund 114 general purpose 2010-2011 in more detail. The B Budget for De Anza is $1,276,679. The team wondered why Foothill has more B Budget than De Anza.

6) Accreditation

Michaelis explained that the VP Finance division was responsible for standard III of accreditation (finances and resources) and gave an update on the progress the team has made so far Std III Report

The technology task force group worked on updating the Technology Strategic Plan through the summer and are submitting the third draft to the governance groups for review and approval. Campus Budget would review the draft and agendize for approval at the next meeting.

7) Quick News

Michaelis asked the team to start thinking about how they would like to recommend allocating upcoming Measure C dollars.

Anderson reported that Academic Senate discussed the participatory governance decision making structure. The senate also discussed the lack of clarity in terms of the participatory governance group chart. Citing the recent reorganization of the Student Services area as an example, the Senate would like to see more transparency in campus wide decision making.

The DASB are proposing to raise the DASB fee from $6 to $9 per quarter. Nguyen stated that the fee had not been updated for many years. Research showed that other colleges’ fees were around $10. The DASB finance team recommended the increase to the DASB senate. On Oct. 13, 2010 the DASB senate will vote on the proposal. Any change to the DASB fee will need Board of Trustee approval. The proposed increase would commence in Fall 2011. The present annual DASB budget is $1.7M and they have identified a further $500K in requests they would like to fund. The proposed increase would amount to an additional $200k per year.

Future agenda items: Grants office & and Technology Strategic Plan approval.

Present: Anderson, Bloom, Gerard, Goodwin, Michaelis, Nguyen (DASB) Patlan, Reza. Notes: Reza.

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