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Date: March 17, 2022
Time: 3:30 p.m - 5:00 p.m.

  • Agenda


    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    3:30 p.m. - 3:35 p.m Approve Notes from February 17, 2022 A Holmes/ Chand
    3:35 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. IPBT Instructional Equipment and Lottery Resource Allocations A Pape/Espinosa-Pieb
    3:45 p.m. - 3:55 p.m IPBT Funding Plan From Faculty Retirements A Pape/Espinosa-Pieb
    3:55 p.m. - 4:50 p.m

    Shared Governance Task Force- New Shared Governance Proposal

    A/D Shared Governance Task Force Members
    4:50 p.m. - 4:55 p.m

    Report- outs from Governance Teams


    Member Representatives
    4:55 p.m. - 5:00 p.m

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  • Minutes

    Approve Notes from February 17, 2022

    Notes Approved

    IPBT Instructional Equipment and Lottery Resource Allocations

    IPBT asked and recommended College Council move forward with the proposed item. Pape shared Page 2 on the document provided on the agenda item.

    Members of college council approved recommendation.

    (18 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstain)

    IPBT Funding Plan from Faculty Retirements

    Espinosa-Pieb referenced back to the Tech committee proposal for fully and robustly funding of the online Education Center, which was accepted by College Council. Espinosa-Pieb noted that Holmes asked IPBT go through the shared governance process to determine what money was available. IPBT and the Budget taskforce both individually had meeting to determine what money was available on instruction. Espinosa- Pieb noted request from online ed to fund fully the need of that office,  discontent from individuals to using money from 4 faculty retirement positions and the request from some affinity groups for the two classified professionals working on the Online Ed department to talk about the need for these positions. David and Jenny expressed the need for a management position at their meeting. Espinosa-Pieb shared three options discussed at their meeting; 1.) We hire four faculty positions from the faculty prioritization list. 2.)one more faculty position from the faculty prioritization list and the rest of the funding goes to hire a Classified Instructional Designer and Dean. 3.) hire three faculty positions on the list and one Classified Instructional Designer and request that the senior staff use one-time money to hire a dean for the remainder of this year, and the 2022-2023 fiscal year, with the understanding that permanent funding would come from future retirements, resignations, or new dollars in Instruction for the 2023-2024 fiscal year and beyond. Espinosa-Pieb noted that IPBt has a committee of 25 voting members- 10 voted for option 1, 0 voted for option 2 and 15 for option 3.

    Pape expressed concerns on decision-making on IPBT, noting voting process,  unanswered questions and clarity. Jaeger- Balm also shared a statement on behalf of faculty, many who were present. As faculty chair, Jaeger-balm noted that faculty in general felt unheard and disrespected, and noted feedback received with concerns of violation of process of governance, she proceeded to read direct quotes from faculty. Highlighting that their issue was not the results of the vote or unwillingness to support funding of classified positions, but the process itself.

    Holmes noted the importance of classified professionals to speak for classified professionals, and to listen what individuals have to say. Holmes acknowledge the crisis on online ed, and request/recommendation from College Council to continue to engage with district to allocate funding. Holmes noted concerns about how classified professionals and faculty feel. Chacko expressed that it is about how to better serve students-instruction in classrooms/ additional support and noted support to hire 3 faculty positions and 1 classified. Other members expressed the importance of focusing on college needs, student choices, improvements, and online services to support both, classified professionals, and faculty. Member expressed concerns of process, not of supporting online education but the vote process. 

    College Council members voted to table this item.

    (12 Yes, 7 No, 1 Abstain)

    Shared Governance Task Force

    Balducci expressed gratitude to all SGTF members for their hard work, time, and effort. Balducci highlighted some takeaways from this proposal was more communication, collaboration and understanding of decision making. Balducci shared proposal, noting PAC, membership, student voice, and process. DASG expressed student don’t have a say on decision-making process and equitable representation, highlighting the importance to pay student representatives to participate as to help those in need.

    Member question where the funding would come from to pay students once money from Guided pathways is used, to which it was noted that it could be consulted with the budget taskforce or DASG to continue funding.  DASG representative highlighted the “Best Practices for Student Voices in Shared Governance” and the importance to formulate proper training for students. Holmes noted some questions he has regarding the proposal on roles and responsibilities of students, faculty administrators, committees, and how to simplify the process as opposed to complicating it. SGTF member noted in response that the PAC proposed committee is a more horizontal structure that creates greater opportunities for voice of the members and greater interaction. Holmes questioned elimication of PBTs, structure and how needs will be fulfilled by the PAC. Holmes expressed concerns about how PAC would function when dealing with various issues such as instruction, student services and administrator issues and how often they would need to meet to fullfill the needs. Holmes also questioned the difference between Budget Advisory Committee and PAC, SGFT member noted it would serve more to funnel information coming to the college from district, BAC to PAC;a two – way communication of the needs and resources.

    College Council members expressed concerns on the budget taskforce and implementation of SGTF model, operational and categorical programs specific to Student Services. Other member noted that with proper training and onboarding, individuals would have better understanding on budget and decision-making. Members highlighted the importance of proposal, change, and implementation, noting that the presentation/proposal does not include every single detail of how/when it will work but rather the structure when asked for specifics.

    Holmes noted the many questions he has regarding the proposal- role of College Council and the various groups/ committees, and how it addresses specific concerns and issues of shared governance, as well as how the proposed model is different from what is already in place.  

    College Council voted approval to Accept proposal from Shared Governance Task Force as the model to move forward with goal implementation of some or all changes by Fall 2022.

    (14 Yes, 5 No, 1 Abstain)

    Report- outs from Governance Teams

    Please read the reports at the link provided.


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    Cheryl Jaeger Balm 90
    Chesa C (she/they) 1
    Chesa C (she/they) 91
    Christina G. Espinosa-Pieb (she#her# ella) 1
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    Cory Bowdish 2
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    DASG - Alexander Jason (Alexander Jason) 87
    DASG - Amy Huang (Amy Huang) 91
    DASG - Erin Valdecanas (Erin Valdecanas) 78
    DASG - Isaac Lim (Isaac Lim) 13
    DASG - Sara Sangari (Sara Sangari) 90
    DASG - Sharon (Sharon Utomo) 67
    DASG - Sunnie (she/her/hers) (Sunnie (she/her/hers)) 90
    DASG | Afizah & Luiza (DASG Environmental Sustainability) 78
    DASG | Anita & Afizah (Anita Chamraj (she/her)) 89
    DASG Environmental Sustainability 1
    DASG Jason G. You (Jason Guowei You) 48
    DASG Vice President - Fiza (Fiza Syed) 2
    DASG VP | IPBT Rep - Fiza (Fiza Syed) 88
    DASG- Ivy Sim (Ivy Sim) 89
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    Student - Aditi (Student) 91
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    Student -Alex (he/him) (Alexander (he/him)) 75
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    Student Anna Maria Mojo (Anna) 45
    Student Jesus Julian Garcia Vega (Jesus Julian Garcia Vega) 4
    Student- Alysa Ngo (Alysa Ngo) 67
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    Student-Radha Bhakta (Radha Bhakta) 26
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