Meeting Notes - January 14, 2010

Members:  A. Argyriou, C. Castillo, J. Chou, M. Custodio, G. Durham, Jr., C. Espinosa-Pieb,
A. Guevara, R. Hansen, L. Jeanpierre, L. Jenkins, A. Khanna, D. Kubo, A. LaManque,
C. Lee-Klawender, B. Murphy, L. Parent, C. Pereida, R. Schroeder, M. Shirazi, M. Spatafore,
R Tomaneng
Guests: J. Haynes, C. Lee-Wheat, J. Reza, A. Simes

I. Introductions

Stacey Cook was introduced to the College Council for the academic year ’09-’10.

II. The College Council minutes of October 29 were approved 

Handout #1  

III. SLO Planning Presentation 

J. Haynes provided a powerpoint presentation on “Developing a Synchonized Institutional Planning Process” that is effective, efficient and enduring. The Institutional Planning Cycles for the college are out of synch and include several cycles including the:

  • 6 year accreditation cycle
  • 5 year curriculum cycle
  • 3 year program review cycle
  • annual planning & budget cycle
  • annual SLO assessment cycles (SLOAC, SSLOAC, AUOAC)

Proposing Outcomes Based Program Review on a 3 or 5 year cycle with annual updates. 

Accreditation Cycle Example

Year 1: Review ACCJC recommendations

Year 2: Review Strategic Plan

Year 3: Mid-term report

Year 4: Review mission

Year 5: Self Study

Year 6: Site Visit

Discussion points:

  •  Who would prepare the annual update?
  •  Use ECMS System or other software to download information annually 
  • Learning outcome results would be due annually and tied into a quarterly timeline
  • Focus on programs/constituency one at a time

Resource Validation Process

Process that validates relationships between resource requests and institutional core competencies or other guiding documents, i.e., strategic planning initiatives.

Council members were asked to take this information back to their respective constituencies and review at the February meeting. This item will be brought back for continued work/review and ratification of adopting a framework.

See attached powerpoint presentation for additional information (42 pp)

IV. Acccreditation Update #2  

Materials were distributed from the January 14 Accreditation Self-Study Overview and Orientation meeting (including Standards Summary, Timeline and Volunteer Form). Faculty and staff were encouraged to participate on a Standards committee.

V. ARRA (American Recovery and Reconstruction Act) – Handout #3  

ARRA funds were given with only 8 days to determine the distribution and spending by end November 2009. Jeanpierre distributed a handout illustrating a summary of expenditures between Central Services, Foothill and De Anza. ARRA funds totaled $851,401.00 with De Anza’s share of $386,717.00 being allocated to categorical funds. The document was accepted by College Council.

VI. 2009-2010 Budget Update 

In July 2009, FHDA was facing a $15M reduction, however, due to successful negotiations, this amount was reduced by $5M with a new net deficit of $10.6M. The share for De Anza College is $4.1M with categorical cuts to EOPS and DSPS. The IPBT will meet on January 15 to finalize conclusions regarding instructional cuts.

On January 19 Murphy will bring to the Board positions at risk. He will also emphasize this budget is not supportable, nor possible to run a college with; we will need to find other solutions.

Negotiations will continue in Spring with compensation/benefits and collective bargaining. The College Council will reconvene January 28 to review positions and programs from all of the planning and budget teams. We are not expecting any dollars from the Governor’s proposals. 

Please see the following link for additional budget town hall information:[BROKEN LINK]

VII. Burning Issues, Quick News, Wrap Up

  • Custodio and Shirazi provided updates regarding the January 20 “walk-in” and March on March on March 4 events,
  • Murphy will be attending the Community College League of California January 24-25 in Sacramento.
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