Meeting Notes 
January 24, 2013
Admin #109, 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Attending: Bryant, Chow, Cook, Fayek, Glapion, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Khanna, Lecue, Milonas, Murphy, Reza, Talaat, Tomaneng, Trosper, Zamorano  Guest(s): Jones-Dulin, Neal, Newell, Watson

Approval of Minutes – December 13, 2012

The minutes of December 13, 2012 were approved.

 Budget Update

Jeanpierre presented the latest budget information, adjusted by the passage of Prop 30. Unfortunately, Prop 30 did not provide additional revenues but it did reduce the amount we need to cut to balance the budget. The original district target was $11.7M, and is now $5.6M with De Anza’s share being $3.85M. Taking into account the June 2012 reductions, our current reduction target is $2.8M. Fiscal problems remain and we are battling with budget reductions.

Enrollment continues to be problematic with P1 projections 712 FTES short district wide; the equivalent of $3.2M. The dynamics of enrollment are crucial and we will focus on adding new sections in high demand areas; retention; the possibility of a FUHSD inter-sessions at the high schools; and the continuation of information tables to assist and welcome students.

Jeanpierre distributed an email from D. Troy, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office regarding the Governor’s proposal for 2013-14. President Murphy provided insights into the budget proposal which includes apportionment funding, online education funding, funding based on student outcomes, adult education shift to community colleges; all of which are dependent on legislative approval.

Budget Reduction Process

Bargaining units have varying notices of layoff. Faculty/administrators will be notified prior to March 15th while classified employees have a 60-day notice period. Over the next couple of weeks, there will be early alerts to persons affected by initial position eliminations. These conversations will include collective bargaining representatives, HR, and college administrators. Bumping scenarios will be discussed in later conversations. Our job is to work with Central Services and Foothill to avoid surprises and give employees the best choices available to them.

Discussion followed regarding a Town Hall to encourage public conversations about what can be done/done differently. How do we serve students with fewer staff and resources? The custodial area addressed this issue and published a clear delineation of service levels with fewer staff. How do we approach shifts in mindset and technology? We agreed to revisit this topic on February 14, 2013.

Open Items, Quick News & Updates:

. Material Fees: Jeanpierre provided an update regarding spending down the accumulation of material fees ($100K) to zero by end June 2013. Unfortunately, our systems are not set up to monitor fees by class. Jeanpierre will be working with individual divisions to review material fees and alternatives.

. Values Statement Taskforce: Newell is seeking broad based membership for this task force which will meet 1 to 2 times a month from February – April. The goal is to present an updated, revised value statement to shared governance groups in May. Those interested should email her by end-January.

.  Planning Agendas: Newell distributed to shared governance groups those assigned a planning agenda from the ACCJC. She is requesting completion information and links to evidence and anticipated completion date for those not completed. Planning agendas are requested by May and will continue on an annual basis to monitor progress by the time the accreditors return for our next cycle.

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