Meeting Notes
Thursday, February 9, 2011
Admin #109, 3:00 – 5:00 pm

 College Mission Statement

 De Anza College provides an academically rich, multicultural learning environment that challenges students of every background to develop their intellect, character and abilities; to realize their goals; and to be socially responsible leaders in their communities, the nation and the world.

 De Anza College fulfills its mission by engaging students in creative work that demonstrates the knowledge, skills and attitudes contained within the college's Institutional Core Competencies: •Communication and expression •Information literacy •Physical/mental wellness and personal responsibility •Global, cultural, social and environmental awareness •Critical thinking

Members:  S. Agrawal, C. Castillo, K. Chow, S. Cook, G. Durham, C. Espinosa-Pieb, K. Glapion, R. Hansen, T. Hunter, L. Jeanpierre, L. Jenkins, R. Kazempour, A. Khanna, C. Lee-Wheat, V. Marquez, F. Milonas, K. Moberg, B. Monary, B. Murphy, V. Neal,M. Newell, E. Norte, S. Ramos, A. Ravichandran, R. Schroeder, M. Spatafore, R. Tomaneng

Guests: W. Lee, M. Michaelis, M. Sullivan

I. Approval of Minutes 

The minutes of December 9, 2011 and January 19, 2012 were approved. Minutes of January 19, 2012 were amended to reflect $31/quarter unit fee increase beginning summer quarter.

II. Accreditation Updates

The college’s accreditation was reaffirmed by the ACCJC at its January 2012 meeting. A follow-up report was requested in October, 2012 to reflect progress on the three recommendations cited. A visit will follow. 

 1. Mission Statement

 2. Evaluation of planning model

 3. SLO – We will focus on this recommendation because it is critical and important  for student learning and administrative unit outcomes to demonstrate a level of proficiency by October 15.

Six members of the SLO Steering Committee including J. Haynes, C. Lee-Wheat and M. Spatafore will be attending the Accreditation Institute in Anaheim on February 10. We take very seriously the completion of SLOs and the assessment cycle. One item is subject to bargaining and FA will need to be involved.  We’ve completed a lot since 2009 and continue to move forward with our timelines. It’s unclear what will be required this Fall, the level of proficiency, assessment and the consequences. At least one complete SLO assessment cycle will be completed by ’13-’14 for the program review cycle.

J. Haynes will provide a report at the next college council meeting.

III. Smoking Policy & Administrative Policies

M. Sullivan reported there is nothing new to the policy, except issuance of citations ($25 - $100) commencing in Spring. This will encourage smokers to move to designated smoking areas with cessation program information always made available. The charges result from a law signed in October by Governor Brown.

The on- line student smoking survey indicates our policies have a 58% positive effect, 34% little effect, and 2% consider going to another college

Discussion: fines for staff vs. students, discipline issue, enlarging the font size on the citation and fine section, 2nd hand smoke and addiction, marketing work on stickers.

College Council endorsed the policy (w/ one abstention) and will advance to the Board of Trustees. We will revisit in Spring and review the number of citations and monies collected.

IV. CPC Assessment Tool: Mallory Newell

M. Newell presented the Governance Assessment Annual Update Form drafted by the College Planning Committee. She requested that members share with their constituency groups and provide feedback. The form will be available for governance groups as soon as it is approved by College Council and will be due back to the CPC by June. She will bring it back to a future college council meeting after feedback has been provided. The form serves to: evaluate governance and decision making structures and processes, a charge of the CPC; and provide annual updates and evidence from each governance group pertaining to the college’s planning agenda’s.  

Discussion: It was discussed that the IPBT developed the APRU form to assess programs, how is this different and how can it be incorporated into the program review documents? It was discussed that the APRU forms assess programs while the governance form will evaluate the many governance groups and decision-making processes on campus. CPC would like the governance groups to share in completing the form. It was discussed why there was a need to document more evidence? Is this necessary? The purpose of part of the form is to have annual documentation of activities, processes, accomplishments and evidence that the college is meeting its stated goals pertaining to the planning agendas; the documents would be used to help build evidence in drafting the mid-term assessment and self-study assessment documents. It is believed that if the college accumulates evidence annually, it would help those drafting the accreditation documents at the end of the 6-year cycle. It was raised that this form, as it is presented, would place additional tasks and workload on the governance groups that already carry heavy workloads.

V. DA Scholarship

V. Marquez shared an idea raised at classified senate about drawing our local

community to get more local students enrolled. A suggestion was made to mirror the Cupertino Middle School scholarship/essay contest. The classified senate could create a scholarship for FUHSD students in the form of a competitive essay contest scholarship. Why not a campus scholarship? Classified Senate could offer one scholarship, or multiple scholarships for each of the FUHSD high schools for $300-$500 for books.

Discussion: Financial Aid, Pinto Gift, EOPS, J. Miller book voucher programs, target populations, disadvantaged areas/ students, undocumented students. To whom are we advantaging? Merit vs. need.

R. Mieso and J. Dirking should be invited to a future meeting and discussion.

VI. Quick News

- Introduction of Veronica Neal, Director, Equity, Social Justice, and Diversity

- Occupy for Education, Tuesdays @ 5 pm – in anticipation of March on March – 6 buses – reviewing alternate revenue sources

- Successful African American Student conference with over 300 students, good  workshops

- Invoking Peace reception and exhibit on Islamic Art @ Euphrat Museum

- DAC Like us on Facebook to prospective and current students

- 2/22: CreaTV (channel 30) – Veronica Neal representing DAC, “The Muslim Next Door”

- March 2 Partners in Learning Conference - 18 proposals received to-date

- Spatafore and students working with Assemblymember Jim Beall on an event scheduled for 4/19 from 1:30 – 3:30 in campus center A&B

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