Meeting Notes - March 11, 2010

Members: A. Argyriou, C. Castillo, J. Chou, S. Cook, M. Custodio, G. Durham, Jr., C. Espinosa-Pieb, A. Guevara, R. Hansen, W. Huynh, L. Jeanpierre, L. Jenkins, A. Khanna, D. Kubo, A. LaManque, C. Lee-Klawender, B. Murphy, L. Parent, R. Schroeder, M. Spatafore, B. Teo, R. Tomaneng

Guest: J. Rindfleisch

I.   The College Council minutes of February 25, 2010 were approved as amended.

Handout #1   

 II.   MSA Solidarity Statement – Handout #2                                                                       

R. Tomaneng read the MSA Solidarity Statement to the College Council for comments and feedback.  The district association, MSA, drafted a solidarity statement from a diversity perspective and has presented to various units including classified staff, faculty association, administrators, academic senate, and Board of Trustees.   

 III.  Budget Updates                                                                                                                       

On Tuesday, March 9, 2010, FA and ACE representatives approached the Board of Trustees to revisit end-of-year fiscal projections and the use of “staff protection fund” dollars to postpone for one year, a small number (perhaps eight to twelve) of classified staff layoffs district-wide that are currently scheduled to take effect June 30, 2010.

Discussion Points:

-       We need a process that is open, fair and equitable.  Need for clear and thoughtful approach,    global view with better coordination.

-       Request an extension to 3/16 that may require an additional April board meeting

-       Sr. Staff uncomfortable making these decisions

-       All PBTs should plan to meet together

-       Although budget reduction scenarios went to the Board on 3/1, it is not final.  Still open to discussion about core programs and mission critical positions. 

-       Competition among DA, FH and CS:  doesn’t’ advantage us not be to prepared

-       Development of timeline, criteria and priorities being cognizant of 45-day window

-       Being aware of change in bumping scenarios and impact on staff and departments

-       As much shared governance as possible


Let the current process stand and go forward for April 5 Board meeting.  Request an additional April board meeting to present De Anza information (April 19 or 26), with a decision by the first week of Spring Quarter. 

PBTs are to create criteria and make recommendations on saving positions and senior staff would make the final decisions.  If inadequate time, then senior staff would make the final decision.

IV.  Burning Issues, Quick News, Wrap-up                                                                       

-       B. Teo reported DASB is considering raising the DASB fee by $2 that, if approved, would be in effect by September 2010. 

-       R. Hansen reminded the council of the March 22 march in Sacramento.  Foothill is renting buses and will save seats for interested De Anza students.  The March up the Central Valley is scheduled to be at Modesto Jr. College on April 6, if students are interested.

-       A. Guevara reported on the very successful March 4, Call for Action Day and De Anza students participation, followed by a celebratory dance in the Main Quad.

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