College Council Meeting Notes 
April 25, 2013
3:00 - 4:30 pm

Attending: Bryant, Chow, Cook, Espinosa-Pieb, Glapion, Jeanpierre, Milonas, Murphy, Neal, Newell, Norte, Reza, Spatafore, Talaat, Trosper, Watson, Zamorano

Murphy announced Mallory Newell has assumed responsibility to be the formal liaison officer for accreditation for ACCJC for De Anza College. She is enthusiastically assuming responsibilities from Marisa Spatafore who is equally delighted.

ACCJC Institutional Standards

Newell provided an overview of the 2013 Annual Report to the ACCJC which requires colleges to report on institutional set standards for the following metrics: successful course completion rates, fall to fall retention, number of students who received a degree, certificate, and those who transferred to 4-yr institutions.

She provided the rationale for determining these benchmarks: 5 year averages and the lowest average score with respect to ethnicity or subject. These standards will be used for reporting purposes for at least 2 years.

Discussion followed regarding any linkage to the Board of Governors Student Success Scorecard (slight overlap), a 5-yr average for degree completion, certificates and transfers.

Equity Planning Process

Neal distributed and requested feedback/suggestions on the Equity Planning Process document. Historically, the equity plan focused on student success equity gaps to ensure no more than a 5% variance. She proposed including a divisional equity plan that would feed into a larger campus-wide equity plan. Research indicates doing the work holistically with campus-wide programs have better success in closing these gaps. This is a shift in culture, talking in a different way, thinking about pedagogy and equity more broadly.

She walked college council through the division equity planning process which coincides with the annual program review cycle. Divisions would meet to identify an equity core team, equity liaisons and an equity planning checklist. Divisions would develop a vision, mission and identify core values. This annual process would be followed by a more rigorous 5-year plan.

Neal provided a sample equity plan for the IIS division and was invited back to a future college council meeting.

2013-14 Budget Review

Jeanpierre distributed two documents: Materials Fees draft to all faculty and 2013-14 Budget Preview. Most materials fees district-wide are being eliminated this quarter. This action is necessary to ensure accountability and compliance with the Ed Code. It is not about providing materials to students but getting out of the business of selling the materials. Jeanpierre discussed some alternatives including packaging materials and having them available at the bookstore, faculty websites, course studio via My Portal, and print management systems (kiosks being investigated by ETS).

Jeanpierre reported on Kevin McElroy’s budget preview, excluding May revise information. Enrollment is down district-wide by 1,583 FTES which is the equivalent to a reduction of $7M in apportionment. Additional expenses for retiree liability, step/column, STRS & PERS benefits and operating expenses will total $3.2M for a total deficit of $10.2M. De Anza’s share would be $5.1M. The good news is the district has an ending fund balance of $30M; enough to avoid another round of reduction/layoffs.

Open Items, Quick News & Updates

Reza distributed Teaching and Learning Workshops for De Anza Faculty for Spring 2013. A question was raised about workshops for Classified Staff.

Marisa Spatafore remarked on the successful photo shoots held by Marketing/Communications and thanked Kevin Glapion and other DSS faculty and staff who collaborated with Marketing to ensure the inclusion of students with disabilities.

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