College Council
Meeting Notes
June 27, 2013
Admin #109, 2:30 - 3:00 pm

Attending: Bryant, Chow, Cook, Fayek, Jenkins, Khanna, Milonas (proxy), Murphy, Reza, Spatafore, Trosper

Approval of May 23, 2013 Minutes

The minutes of May 23, 2013 were adopted by College Council.

Values Statement

Spatafore walked College Council through the Values Statement in Newell’s absence. The Values statement was a group effort on behalf of faculty and staff including Haynes, Bryant, Chow, Chung-Tabangcura, Kaufman, Martinez, Newell (chair), Robles, Srinivasan, Aguilar and Stockwell.

The process involved asking all governance groups to agendize the Values Statement, discuss and bring back feedback. The button on the website generated a fair amount of feedback, which was compiled and reviewed closely by the committee.

The Values Statement categories include Integrity, Innovation, Equity, Developing the Human Capacity of All Students, Institutional Core Competencies and Civic Engagement for Social Justice.

Integrity saw the largest change in view of clarity to reflect what classified professionals/staff had referenced as the “elephant” in the room. This morphed into “We strive to acknowledge and address issues that may be difficult to broach.

This was the final and most significant change to this section.

It is worth noting Developing the Human Capacity of All Students was taken directly from the Student Support (Re)defined study by The RP Group and the Civic Engagement for Social Justice value references the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights.

The Values Statement was approved by College Council.

Quick News & Updates

- Graduation reminder and getting the word to faculty and staff about attending the event.

- Farewell gathering for Jeri Montgomery, Director of the Bookstore after seven years of work to keep the bookstore solvent and independent. The new director, Kelly Swanson brings extensive background from the public and education sectors. She has significant experience and knowledge about the anti-sweatshop movement and is looking forward to meeting students.

 - We segway immediately into Summer Quarter on July 1. There will be construction disruptions and detours on campus. Jones-Dulin wrote a very detailed response to faculty about having to redeploy all custodial staff for deep cleaning and readying the campus for Fall.

 - Marketing will publicize this construction information. Most of Main Quad will be fenced off resulting in detours throughout the summer for ADA improvements and renovations. Fayek raised concern about sounds/digging during finals week. Jones-Dulin is very sensitive and aware of construction and sequencing which affect the campus being ready for Opening Day in September.

 - Enrollment report from LaManque indicates we are flat from 6/27/2012 to 6/26/2013 (a year-to-year comparison). Fayek compared census data indicating we are down approximately 8% while Murphy emphasized that summer is important but Fall is most critical.

 - Murphy attended the ICCE retreat where he was most impressed with the students’ will and intelligence, which characterized the entire year. Students stepped up this year with resilience, civility, and humanity. Dramatic increases in certificates/degrees with new clubs, initiatives, sustainability, 350* club, transportation, and the anti sweatshop focus; all important public issues.

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