Meeting Notes 
October 8, 2015
3:00 - 5:00 pm

Attending: Bryant, Cheu, Cook, Cruz, Doan, Fayek, Hunter, Kandula, Jones-Dulin, Markus, Maynard, Mieso, Monroy, Murphy, Norte, Spatafore, Subramaniam, TrosperVisiting: Epps, Watson, White-Daniels,

Introductions and Charge

Newly-elected members of the 2015-2016 college council introduced themselves and President Murphy reviewed the charge of the council.

Minutes of June 11, 2015

The minutes from the June 11, 2015 meeting were approved as amended.

B Budget Standardization

Vice President Cheu presented the 2015-2016 B Budget Standardization proposal and request to reduce ending fund balances. Vice Chancellor, Business Services requested both campuses review spending patterns and prepare plans to reduce carryforward balances over the next 4-5 years. Cheu provided a framework for our balances from 2010-2015 which have been averaging over $5M.

Two proposals were offered: (1) increase B Budgets to more sustainable levels (3.1M) and/or (2) use carryforward balances to backfill changes and hire essential positions that have been identified by the PBTs. These 6 classified positions include an A&R enrollment specialist, Assistant A&R Director, Grounds Gardener II, Tech Trainer, CTE Development Coordinator and Women’s Equipment Manager. The Campus Budget Team previously approved both Part 1 & Part 2 to reduce the carryforward balances. Discussion followed regarding funding allocations for faculty and staff positions.

The B Budget Standardization proposal was unanimously approved by college council.

Student Success and Support Program Plan

AVP Mieso provided a quick overview of the SSSP 2014-15 Report presenting a number of slides and the draft 2015-16 Plan. He provided a history of SSSP and how it is an outcome from a Student Success Task Force, Student Services Act of 2012 and Sacramento legislation renaming the old matriculation plan into SSSP. A significant difference is the link in the delivery of core service areas (orientation, assessment, counseling/advising, educational planning and follow up) and the funding formula of 60%.

The state has allocated percentages to each of the core services. Several graphs were presented including student headcount by enrollment status (first time, returning, continuing or 1st time transfer), by race/ethnicity, by orientation services and assessment/placement services. Discussion followed regarding the potential to do more and “at risk” students.

The 2015-16 plan will be submitted to the state by October 30 with the report being reviewed by shared governance groups. New initiatives include an Online Orientation module, Joint SSSP & Student Equity Advisory Committee with collaboration across Instruction, Student Services, Student Equity coordination and K-12 partners.

The report will be reviewed at the next College Council meeting on October 22th and throughout the year.

Flint Center and Parking

Murphy provided updates regarding the Flint Center and Parking Garage. During Summer, a consultant was hired by the FHDA Board review options for the 1405 parking structure, including retail, housing, and mixed space; none of which addressed the parking situation. Original estimates were $5M to renovate, however costs have escalated to $23M to meet current seismic standards. Several options were presented including demolishing Flint Center while upgrading the parking structure, and demolishing the structure for 1-2 years while renovating it. Other parking areas were reviewed including the MQ/tennis courts, and multi-level Lots A&B.

It was decided to keep the existing Flint Center Parking structure with minor upgrades and continuing to look at available areas. The structure is not dangerous or unsafe.

Open Items

  • Mens’ Soccer Team is ranked 2nd in the State with Foothill game on 10/13.
  • Spatafore reported on the redesign and revamping of the college website to make it more accessible and “mobile.”
  • JVSV Income & Inequality Event panel was very well received and web streaming is in process.
  • DASB Event Updates: Students Rights and Services Day 9/30, successful Club Day and Coffee with Senators Day to increase student involvement and DASB awareness. Mid-term elections scheduled for 10/21.
  • Auto Tech Annual Canned Food Drive until mid-November, partnering with West Valley Community Services
  • Hunter reported on the Classified Senate Service Excellence Project upcoming events: Friday, 10/23 Tom Brown: Increasing Student Engagement & Success, A&B, 1-3:30 pm; Friday, 11/13: The Six Success Factors, 1pm; Friday, 12/15: Creating a Welcoming Environment, 1pm
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