Meeting Notes

December 7, 2017

ADM #109, 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Members present: Ahmad, Chow, Cook, Espinosa-Pieb, Hettige, Hunter, LeBleu-Burns, Maynard, Mieso, Murphy, Nguyen, Norte, Pramana, Ramirez, Ranck, Shively, Spatafore, Varela for Cheu

Acknowledgement and thank you Tina Woo upon her pending retirement.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of October 26, 2017 were approved by College Council. Shively requested clarification on the budget reduction proposal. Details will be discussed during Winter quarter when PBTs will be addressing shares of the budget reduction scenarios. When we meet in January, we will revisit the overview, enrollment and budget deficit.

Integrated Planning Presentation

Mieso and Ranck presented an overview of SSSP-Student Equity – BSI Integration Plan for 2017-2019.  They are gathering feedback from shared governance groups and integrating data into the formal plan due to the State Chancellor’s Office January 31, 2018.

The State wants colleges to integrate these three initiatives and identify common goals and activities across the three areas. We are looking for nexus point to avoid duplication. Funding sources for the three initiatives remain separate, and each will follow their funding guidelines. In addition, the State is encouraging district-wide coordination and collaboration.

Mieso and Ranck reviewed goals and progress from 2015-2016 and identified one goal that intersects the 3 initiatives: Increasing retention and success for incoming students, particularly our student equity groups and targeted populations. The new plan includes 5 new integrated student success goals and activities to be completed by 2019. Budget allocations, committee membership and timelines were also highlighted. Complete information can be found at:

The Integrated Planning Presentation was approved by College Council which will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for the January 16, 2018 meeting.

IPBT Budget Recommendations: Lottery, Instructional Equipment, Strong Workforce and Perkins Requests

IPBT has been working on recommendations to develop allocation for four pots of monies: Instructional Equipment, Lottery Requests, Strong Workforce and Perkins, the latter two specifically for CTE programs. Espinosa-Pieb and Nguyen reviewed the recommendations, outlining requests vs. allocations based on program reviews submitted last Spring for consideration. Information and rationale was provided for Biology, CIS and Mathematics. Original requests totaled $3.5M and $2.09M was allocated. It was noted the request and approved amounts for Language Arts and Physical Education were identical. Complete details can be found on the IPBT website:

College Council approved the IPBT Budget Recommendation requests: Instructional Equipment, Lottery, Strong Workforce and Perkins with the caveat that the Language Arts request be amended.

Appreciation to IPBT for their work. Internal legitimacy and transparency who worked hard to complete this process now which will enable funds to be more effectively spent. 

Faculty Hiring

There are 14 faculty vacancies due to retirement/resignations. The IPBT is seeking approval of faculty in the order submitted on the Faculty Ranking document. The rankings were based on program reviews, full to part-time ratios, enrollment, success rates and SLOs.

A lengthy discussion ensued regarding Mathematics vs. English, in the absence of retirements, Music, Native American Studies and Library faculty. Shively proposed moving Music to the last of the approved faculty rankings. In the future during a growth phase, we might include a longer term proposal/ strategy to change the IPBT faculty ranking process.

Shively proffered an amendment such that music could be moved to the Faculty Ranking List. The motion failed.

College Council approved the IPBT Faculty Ranking proposal with 1 opposed and 1 abstention.

IPBT Recommendation

IPBT is requesting the addition of one dedicated faculty seat and one dedicated management position to the IPBT with a CTE focus. It was uncertain if the request was necessary but IPBT wanted to make the official request.

College Council approved the IPBT recommendation request for one CTE faculty position and one CTE management position.

Guided Pathways

Nguyen introduced College Council to Guided Pathways through a video and it’s implications for De Anza. Guided pathways is an opportunity to integrate/provide services and clarity for students to identify and complete a major. It is intended to avoid students taking excessive units, incurring greater student debt and lack of completion. $150M is tied to this initiative over a period of five years.

Nguyen illustrated the Guided Pathways Program at Skyline College which is two years ahead of us in the process of inquiry. Their plan includes meta majors, or cluster of majors for Arts, Sciences, Business and Social Sciences whereby students can complete prerequisites for similar majors.

We are in the process of developing the Self Assessment Tool due to the State Chancellor’s Office by December 23, 2017.

Open Items & Quick News

  • Monday, December 11 campus-wide Holiday Reception focusing on Puerto Rico fundraising. Accepting monetary donations, Angel Tree and other household/domestic items. 
  • Tuesday, December 12, Retirement Open House for Tina Woo, Administration Building
  • Classified Senate Foster Youth Book Drive through December 14.
  • The Thanksgiving Auto Tech Food Drive was a successful event with over 5,000 cans donated to the West Valley, Cupertino Food Bank
  • DASB elected 15 new senators who will attend shared governance meetings.

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