Meeting Notes

December 8, 2016

3:00 - 4:30 pm

Present: Bryant, Cheu, Cook, Cruz, Espinosa-Pieb, Grey, Hunter, Kandula, Markus, Murphy, Newell, Pape, Ranck, Spatafore, Subramaniam

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of October 27, 2016 were approved with a change made to the Statway mathematics program (pilot was removed).

Faculty Ranking 2017-2018

Espinosa-Pieb presented the IPBT 2017-2018 faculty rankings of 21 requested positions approved by the Instructional Planning and Budget Team and requested approval from College Council to hire the top 8 positions, with possibly 1-2 additional positions. Discussion followed regarding the elaborate, complex process and factors considered in ranking the positions. Given current enrollment we will need to grow if we want to hire additional faculty. College Council approved the faculty rankings for 2017-2018.

Lisa Markus mentioned positions being discussed at Academic Senate prior to the faculty on the IPBT meeting to discuss the rankings and voting on the positions.

Technology Plan Review

The Technology Plan had been presented to other governance groups prior to College Council review. Newell praised the Technology Plan and Facilities Master Plan for the integration with the Education Master Plan. Mary Pape was acknowledged for her contribution as faculty co-chair of the plan. Pending final copy edits, College Council approved the Technology Plan for 2017-2020.

2016-2017 Adopted Budget

2016-2017 Board of Trustees Adopted Budget Presentation

The 2016-17 Adopted Budget is posted to the district and campus website and due to the lengthy document (124 pages) Cheu invited College Council members to review it at their leisure.

Cheu reviewed the 2016-17 Board Of Trustees Adopted Budget Presentation and provided a summary of key points: ending fund balance and a shortfall of $3M vs $6.7M due to unfilled vacancies, projected stability fund of $26M, 5% reserves, and the goal of increasing student population. Any reduction of apportionment will likely occur next year. The ongoing decline in enrollment that the majority of districts, including FHDA, are experiencing has impacted the budget. 100 FTES equals approx. $500,000 in revenue, while current enrollment is currently tracking at a 10% decrease from the prior year. The budget looks stable the adoption of Proposition 55 vs. Proposition 30 and ongoing costs for COLA, and PERS/STRS.

A question was raised regarding the deficit factor which is any shortfall in state revenues. Property tax info will be known in April 2017, while the state provides updates 4 times a year in July (budget approval), preliminary budget in late January, the May revise and a final update in June. We will have an idea by June of any shortfalls.

Cheu will provide a quarterly budget update at a future College Council meeting and will include any updates on “B” budgets.

Capital Fund Project 400 Fund Review

Capital Fund 400 Project Approval

Cheu provided an overview of the Capital Outlay Project Fund and presented a document illustrating previous and current project expenses. In the absence of bond monies and no deferred maintenance from the state, we set monies aside for projects. Most were completed in 15-16: LCW elevator, dive tower, LED signs, and emergency phones. The campus lighting upgrade has been postponed til next Spring/Summer so as not to conflict with classroom instruction. The Capital Outlay Projects were approved by College Council, and specifically, the LCW Elevator Upgrade and Archiving of Bond (Measure C) Documents. 

Open Items and Quick News

  • Cruz and Spatafore are developing a post-election communiqué to campus regarding services for students. Murphy has been impressed by students with no “hate” activity.
  • 2 Board resolutions forthcoming affecting support of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, support of undocumented students and affirming the privacy of student records.
  • Discussion of pedagogical responsibility to our students. What do we do with our students and how do we engage them? How to connect students to resources?
  • Academic Senate will discuss during first meeting of 2017: 1/23/17
  • Million Woman March scheduled for 1/21/17
  • Hunter reported on the Foster Youth Book Drive with appreciation to the Marketing/ Communications department for inclusion in social media. Last day to drop off books is Dec 14.
  • Bryant reported on the successful Auto Tech Holiday Food Drive: students collected over 6,000 cans of food and diapers. This food supply will carry the Food Bank til Feb/March 2017 and some of the food is stored in Food Bank located in the Seminar Building.
  • Ranck reported on the extended hours in the Library from 9 pm to midnight which is appreciated by our students during finals week.

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