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October 25, 2018  Notes


Marilyn Booye, Anthony Caceres, Susan Cheu, Karen Chow, Ignatius Darmadi, Mary Kay Englen, Christina G. Espinosa-Pieb, Moaty Fayek, Kim Fukuyama, Pam Grey, Anita Kandula, Michele LeBleu-Burns, Josephine Lukius, Lisa Mandy, Lorna Maynard, Rob Mieso, Mallory Newell, Carolyn Nguyen, Chrissy Parker, Toño Ramirez, George Robles, Slyvia Rueda, Stacey Shears, Edmundo Norte, Tim Shively, Marisa Spatafore,  Danielle Wells

Welcome and Introductions

Interim President Espinosa-Pieb welcomed all to College Council.

Approval of  October 11, 2018 Minutes

There were no changes to the minutes. The minutes of Thursday, October 11, 2018 were approved.


APBT Second-Tier Budget Reduction Presentation

Vice President Susan Cheu presented the Administrative Services Planning & Budget Team’s budget reduction proposal. The original APBT reduction target was $792,000. Over the summer APBT investigated the originally proposed area reorganization and determined that eliminating more positions simply was not possible. The target reduction goal was revised to $725,447 and approved at the June 2018 APBT meeting in order to avoid layoffs. APBT is transferring three custodial positions and a percentage of the grounds/custodial budget to the facility rental budget, allocating $77,600 in salaries to the self-sustaining Fund 115 budget, eliminating three vacant positions: one custodial, one grounds, and one senior cashier position, and slightly supplementing the remainder of reductions with the B budget. APBT is currently using the B budget (carryforward) to supplement the general budget, but it should be noted that the B Budget (carryforward) is currently quite lean. Pam Grey and Chris Winn are working to raise De Anza’s rental income to enable the Fund 115 budget to sustain the full cost of the custodial positions as a long-term solution. Cheu clarified that the income generated from facility rental fees are based on how frequently De Anza is able to rent out various campus facilities; if De Anza’s facilities are rented out more frequently then more income will be generated. Click here to access APBT’s budget presentation.

The motion to approve APBT’s second-tier budget reduction proposal passed. Interim President Espinosa-Pieb will forward APBT’s second-tier budget reduction proposal to the district for review.

SSPBT Second-Tier Budget Reduction Presentation

Vice President Rob Mieso presented the Student Services Planning & Budget Team’s budget reduction proposal. SSPBT budget reduction target was $3.2 million. The initial SSPBT second-tier budget reduction proposal presented to College Council in June proposed the elimination of 24.5 positions; these positions included currently filled classified and faculty positions, with no management positions being considered for elimination. President Brian Murphy said that new vice president of Student Services Rob Mieso should consider an administrative reorganization in view of Murphy’s belief that the initially proposed reductions to front-line counselors were too deep and would too gravely impact students. He said that reorganization options should have a particular focus on administrator workload. The current SSPBT proposal reflects Murphy’s direction, eliminating an administrator position while saving two counseling positions and mitigating the impact of budget cuts on students.

The Associate Vice President of Student Services position is currently vacant and the duties are being covered by the Vice President of Student Services. The Dean of Counseling manages a relatively small group as other areas previously managed by the Dean of Counseling have been dispersed to other areas across the campus. The Associate Vice President of Student Services position and the Dean of Counseling position are being proposed for elimination. College Council is being presented with two administrative reorganization options. The first administrative reorganization option is to consolidate General Counseling with Student Development/EOPS. Currently the Dean of Student Development is managing twenty-six employees; combining Student Development with General Counseling will create a department of forty-nine employees which is still manageable by a dean. The second administrative reorganization option is to consolidate General Counseling with DSPS. This consolidation will create a department of just over seventy employees which is still manageable although much larger than any other Student Services area. A positive alignment is that there are counselors already housed in DSPS. Vice President Mieso recommends consolidating Counseling and Student Development/EOPS as it is the most viable option in terms of employee management numbers and department alignment.

Even with SSPBT’s amended budget reduction proposal including an administrative reorganization the area is still making deep cuts. The current SSPBT budget reduction proses eliminating ten faculty, eleven and a half classified staff, and two managers for a total budget reduction from positions totaling $367,522 with an additional $15,265 transferred from the B budget to close the gap between the proposed budget reduction total amount and the budget reduction target amount. SSPBT Co-Chair George Robles shared that SSPBT voted in the last meeting on the two options presented and SSPBT was unable to come to a consensus. Robles commented that in the event Dean Michele LeBleu-Burns were to oversee Counseling and Student Development it has the potential to create a different set of problems for Student Services. Robles is not aware of what those specific issues will be, but Interim President Espinosa-Pieb and Vice President Mieso will be looking into the potential impact merging Counseling and Student Development will have on the institution. The role of the SSPBT as an advisory group was discussed; this led to the understanding that ultimately final budget reduction decision will be made by College Council and Interim President Espinosa-Peib.There was a lengthy discussion on categorical funds, the restrictions on categorical fund use, and how the elimination of categorically funded employees does not count toward SSPBT’s current budget reduction target.

After much reflection and discussion with Senior Staff, Vice President Mieso decided to recommend Option 1, consolidation of General Counseling and Student Development/EOPS, as it is the most viable option. Dean of Student Development/EOPS Michele LeBleu-Burns expressed concerns over the drastically increased workload that will be experienced by consolidating General Counseling with any area. LeBleu-Burns encouraged College Council to truly consider the impact that eliminating an administrative position will have on the quality of service De Anza students receive prior to approving the SSPBT budget reduction proposal. Edmundo Norte suggested that De Anza look at creating a task force that will look at areas suffering from the budget reductions and come up with creative solutions such as encouraging the areas that weren’t affected as deeply by the budget cuts to assist in areas with an increased workload.

There was a lengthy discussion on the details of the SSPBT budget reduction proposal in which the 5 filled faculty positions and 8 filled classified positions proposed for elimination were discussed. Click here to access SSPBT's budget reduction presentation.

Tim Shively moved to accept Vice President Mieso’s recommendation and Lorna Maynard seconded; with eight in favor, no opposed, and six abstentions – the motion carried. Interim President Espinosa-Pieb will forward the Student Services budget reduction proposal to the district.

Good of the Order:

There will be a special College Council meeting on Thursday, November 1 at 4:00pm to review and approve the Instructional Planning & Budget Team’s budget reduction proposal.

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