Draft Meeting Notes 

May 11, 2017

ADMIN #109, 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Members present: Bryant, Cheu, Cruz, Espinosa-Pieb, Grey, Hansen, Hettige, Hunter, Mieso, Murphy, Newell, Nguyen, Norte, Pramana, Ranck, Spatafore, Subramaniam, Trosper

Approval Meeting Notes – March 9, 2017

The notes were approved.

Financial Updates

Q2 District Financial Update

Cheu presented information about the general fund at the district level as of December 31, 2016 and recommended reading the first 3 pages of the district report for an overview. Enrollment was down then and again in Winter/Spring. This is a concern considering last year’s apportionment which will be lower going into next year. Fall enrollment is critical and long-term decision-making may be necessary.

Vice Chancellor McElroy scheduled several Town Hall meetings to review long-term projections, anticipated FTES income and shortfalls. The current estimate is we are down 1100 FTES, in addition to 2 years of declines. Enrollment is down across the state, along with productivity. Institutional Research can help us better understand why students are not returning.

Q3 De Anza Update

Please refer to the presentation chart for more detailed information. We are ¾ through the year, and are well within the range we are expected to be at (64%)

Fiscal Self-Assessment:

This assessment is completed on an annual basis and reviews components affecting our status. We are in a deficit spending mode (but planned), State enrollment trends are down, our fund balance is good and as a district we are being fiscally responsible.

New Audit Firm of Vincenti, Lloyd and Stutzman.

May Revise will be addressed at a future meeting.

Accreditation Updates

  • Campus-wide email to be sent out May 12 with a link to the full report: http://www.deanza.edu/accreditation/  
  • We can review process/provide feedback until May 30
  • May 18 noon to 1 pm, Special Town Hall for Accreditation
  • June 1 noon to 1 pm, Special College Council to review and approve (to Board June 12)
  • Accreditation Site Visit: October 9 – 12
  • Opening Day activities with Accreditation theme
  • Action Plans & Goals for next 7 years.

The work of Mallory Newell cannot be underestimated. Under her leadership, the documentation process has allowed us to accumulate evidence the visiting teams will be reviewing. Unbelievably important work. Together with the Office of Communications, the Accreditation Report is an attractive document. Kudos to Brandon Bailey for his contributions in writing and editing.

Main theme has 6 action plans that have institutional metrics, SLOs, resource allocation, equity infused in all processes, more integration of planning & budget teams and integrated planning and communications. Will include detailed activities and timelines.

Student Success Scorecard Presentation

Newell presented the student success scorecard rates for the following cohorts: Degree Completion/Transfer Rates, Basic Skills English Sequence Completion, Basic Skills Math Sequence Completion, One-year Completion of transfer-level English and Math, and Basic Skills ESL Sequence Completion. Completion rates for targeted and non-targeted populations were compared, in addition to the state’s completion rates. A new one-year completion rate was highlighted for English and math.

Complete Student Success Scorecard data can be accessed through the button on the De Anza home page and the presentation can be accessed here: http://deanza.edu/ir/Scorecard_Spring2017.pptx

Degree Transfer Rate

We want to achieve a 71% or highest (best) in peer group; with no more than 5% difference between groups. Our overall transfer rate is 64% (well above the stage average) and we are highest in our peer group. Huge variations in prepared and unprepared student populations.

Question: What does this mean? We need to explore data further. We meet our metric but not at 71%, although we are closing the achievement gap.

Completing the English Sequence in 6 years

Students who start in Basic Skills and are tracked for 6 years complete college-level English at a rate of 71% vs our goal of 77%. Over the past five years the rate has increased by 1% while the state rate is increasing at a faster rate. Target and non-targeted rates are increasing but with a 12% difference between groups.

Completing the Math Sequence

Basic Skills are 1-2 levels below; we are at 50% vs. our goal of 56% with this rate decreasing in the last year. Over 5 years there was a 9% change at De Anza in this rate while the statewide rate is up 13%.  The gap between targeted and non-targeted groups has been decreasing but there remains a gap of 18%.

1-Year Completion Rate

Both the math and English 1-year completion rates are above the state level (44% and 61%).

Summary – http://deanza.edu/ir/Scorecard_Spring2017.pptx

  • Our degree/transfer completion rate is higher than state and highest among our peer group. Mostly driven by Asian and prepared student populations but these groups are not representative of our population.
  • Prepared students are more likely to get a degree/certificate or transfer but this is also not representative of our demographics.

 Is there a disproportionate rate in targeted students placing into basic skills courses? What  can the college do to correct this?

  • Our completion rate and the state rates are decreasing but the achievement gap is lessening in regards to the overall degree/transfer rate.  
  • Just over half of all students who started in basic skills English complete transfer level in 1 year.

 44% who start basic skills math complete transfer level in 1 year.

Annual Shared Governance Reflection

College Council members were requested to complete the following questions and forward responses to Cruz who will summarize the responses.  

1. Reflecting on the work of College Council over the past year, how did this work help fulfill our mission, Institutional Core Competencies, and commitment to equity?

2. Reflecting on College Council’s processes and practices over the past year, what has been working and what changes do you plan to implement over the next academic year to ensure continuous improvement?

Open Items & Quick News

  • Friday, June 30 Commencement Reminder to faculty and staff
  • New Civics Watch Page on the De Anza College webpage
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