Meeting Notes 
June 1, 2017
ADM #109
Noon to 1:00 pm

Members present: Cheu, Cook, Joseph, Kandula, Newell, Norte, Ranck, Spatafore

Members' proxy: Bryant, Cruz, Espinosa-Pieb, Hansen, Hunter, Mieso, Murphy, Nguyen, Subramaniam, Trosper

Review and Approve Draft Accreditation Report

The special meeting of today was established in order for College Council to approve the draft Institutional Self-Evaluation (ISER) for accreditation following the extensive process of providing the draft to governance groups and collegewide. The draft will then be submitted for approval at the board of trustees meeting of June 12.

Newell provided an update on sharing the ISER with all governance groups. Feedback was reviewed Tuesday by the Accreditation Steering Committee, which determined the feedback to include in the final draft for College Council approval.

Cook asked whether feedback to the report could still be submitted. Newell said no, as the published period to review the report was May 12 to May 30. Spatafore advised Cook, in light of the likely motion to be made, to provide her feedback for review. If there were corrections or minor copyedits, those changes would be made. Cook requested additional time to obtain feedback from Student Services.

A motion to approve the 2017 Institutional Self Evaluation Report pending final copyedits, evidence compilation and design was made and seconded. Electronic proxy votes for approval were submitted and recorded. Cook abstained.

Open Items & Quick News

Details on several year-end graduation events were provided. A comprehensive list is available on the graduation webpage.

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