General Meeting Information

Date: May 21, 2019
Time: 4 - 5 p.m.
Location: ADM 109

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    4:00 - 4:05 Approval of Minutes - May 7, 2019 A Ranck/Pape
    4:05 - 4:15 Students in Shared Governance  I/D/A Rex Zhang
    4:15 - 4:35 CTE Funds  I/D/A Randy Bryant
    4:35 - 5:00

    Program Review - Document Review -  Check in with

    group and continue work.

    A All

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

    IPBT Memberships





    • Lorrie Ranck, Co-Chair
    • Sam Bliss
    • Randy Bryant
    • Alicia Cortez
    • Moaty Fayek
    • Anita Muthyala-Kandula
    • Thomas Ray


    • Vins Chacko
    • Lorna Maynard
    • Diana Alves de Lima (on PDL)
    • Rich Booher
    • Milena Grozeva
    • Anu Khanna
    • Rick Maynard
    • Mary Pape, Co-Chair
      Erik Woodbury

    Halina Liang

  • Minutes

    Meeting Notes

    Co-chairs: Lorrie Ranck (administrator), Mary Pape (faculty);

    Administrative reps: Sam Bliss, Randy Bryant, Alicia Cortez, Moaty Fayek, Anita Muthyala-Kandula, Thomas Ray

    Classified reps: Vins Chacko (ACE Rep), Lorna Maynard (Classified Rep)

    Faculty reps: Milena Grozeva, Rick Maynard, Erik Woodbury

    Apologies: Sam Bliss, Rich Booher, Anu Khanna,

    Student Representatives: Halina Liang

    Guests: Genevieve Kolar,  Alex Jin, Lisa Markus, Brenda Mendoza, Tony Santa Ana, Dawn Lee Tu, and Rex Zhang

    We welcomed out new student representative Halina Liang and look forward to two more student representatives joining IPBT shortly.

    Approval of Minutes

    Approval of Minutes – The notes from May 7, 2019 were approved with the changes of changing the spelling to Genevieve Kolar and adding ‘of’.

    Students in Shared Governance

    Best practices for Students In Shared Governance Document was presented by Genevieve Kolar and Rex Zhang. There is the possibility for 1-3 student representatives on IPBT. When DASB presents the names of the remaining two representatives IPBT will affirm the “Best Practices for Student Voices in Shared Governance” document will be placed for adoption. Mallory reminded all that the Governance Handbook contains valuable information on all.

    CTE Funds

    Perkin’s fund allocations for the report are due week of May 27th. Last year’s report will be used as a placeholder. The actual allocations will follow the process of being informed by program review. Total Perkin’s allocation to De Anza College is $405,000.

    Program Review 

    Randy is working on creating a timeline to ensure that decisions are made in time for when reports are due, purchasing department is not overwhelmed with orders at any given time, professional development for instructors during summer are available, and payment of other ongoing expenses such as TEAs (Temporary Employee Assignment). Alicia Cortez requested that equity funds also be incorporated into this timeline. Lorrie emphasized the importance of not being in a position to having to return Perkins allocations.

    The membership unanimously recommended to submit last year’s report for allocation funds and update as necessary when processing allocations from all funds.

    The formal meeting adjourned for work in groups on analyzing individual department program reviews.

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