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Date: October 26, 2021
Time: 4:00 - 5:00 PM
Location: RSVP -

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    4:00 - 4:05 Approval of Notes – October 19, 2021 D/A Mary Pape
    4:05 - 4:10 DASG Report I/D Chamraj, Syed
    4:10 - 4:20

    Ranked-Choice Voting See How votes are counted:

    Ranked-Choice Voting Tool:

    I/D/A Pape, King
    4:20 - 5:00

    Hiring Prioritization Criteria Sample Workbook (data sheets are coming)

    I/D King, Pape

    A = Action D = Discussion I = Information



    Affinity Group








    Christina E-P,


    Sam Bliss

    Randy Bryant

    Alicia Cortez

    Lydia Hearn

    Anita Muthyala-Kandula

    Thomas Ray

    APASA: Christine Chai Khoa Nguyen

    BFSA: Melinda Hughes Pauline Wethington

    DALA - Eric Mendoza Felisa Vilaubi

    Heidi King,


    TBD Classified

    TBD Classified

    Thomas Bailey

    Mary Pape,


    Patricia Carobus

    Ilan Glasman

    Salvador Guerrero

    Terrence Mullens

    Daniel Solomon

    Andrew Stoddard

     Anita Chamraj

    Fiza Syed

    TBD (non-DASG student representative)

    TBD (non-DASG student representative)

  • Minutes

    IPBT meeting – October 26, 2021

    Tri-chairs: Heidi King, Mary Pape

    Administrative reps:  Sam Bliss, Alicia Cortez, Lydia Hearn, Anita Muthyala-Kandula, Thomas Ray

    Classified reps: Heidi King

    Faculty reps: Pati Carobus, Ilan Glasman, Terrence Mullens, Salvador Guerrero, Mary Pape, Daniel Solomon, Andrew Stoddard

    Student reps: Anita Chamraj, Fiza Syed

    Affinity Group Representatives:

    Black Faculty, Staff and Administrators (BFSA): Melinda Hughes

    The Asian Pacific American Staff Association (APASA): Christine Chai

    De Anza Latinx Association (DALA): Eric Mendoza, Felisa Vilaubi

    Absent: Thomas Bailey, Randy Bryant, Christina G. Espinosa-Pieb, Khoa Nguyen, Pauline Wethington

    Guests:  Cheryl Balm, Chesa Caparas, Vins Chacko, Mary Donahue, Norma Guido, Dawn Lee, Lisa Markus, Melissa Maturino, Lorna Maynard, Mallory Newell, Edmundo Norte, Elvin T. Ramos, Daniel Smith, Sharon Utomo, Sara Wallace

    Approval of Notes for October 19, 2021 - There was a request to add wording underscoring both that the current list did not include growth positions and that there was a need for discussing growth positions. Wording will be added and notes will come back for approval at the next meeting.

    DASG Report: Fiza reported that the first meeting for 2021-22 DASG reviewed their By-laws Elections code was updated.

    Ranked-choice voting: Ranked choice voting provides voters with a backup to their vote and minimizes strategic voting.

    Mary reviewed the slides explaining the ranked-choice voting algorithm at  

    All then used the Ranked-Choice Voting Tool:  to rank ten means of communication from favorite to least favorite. All have link to the results which includes a round by round breakdown. Not ranking all 10 is a choice and as in all voting methodologies can be preferred by an individual.

    Hiring Prioritization Criteria from the Hiring Prioritization Workbook were discussed and updated. There was a desire to add criteria based on impact and growth:

    • if the position would increase access and/or retention to the program, and
    • if the position is critical to sustainability of program

    In the consideration column add:

    • Consider effect on providing support services to target groups
    • Consider what would be the impact on the department/area if position was not filled.

    Questions were asked. In some departments where there is no full-time faculty member how are outside regulations/certifications to be met? In situations like this, does a need for a full-time position for such a department go through our decision tree differently?

    People requested data sheets and supplemental questions be arranged differently so the information is easier to access when it comes time for prioritization.

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