As part of the college's governance structure, the SSPBT provides leadership and coordination for the development and implementation of Student Services planning and budget processes that support institutional strategic goals and priorities and the college's Educational Master Plan, Facilities Master Plan and Technology Master Plan.

   Core Priorities

  1. Student Equity
  2. Access to Education
  3. Student Retention
  4. Student Completion


  • Facilitate the effective, efficient and timely Student Services program review, annual planning, and budgeting processes
  • Develop a comprehensive annual plan for Student Services with clear goals, outcomes, budget projections, and a year-end review and evaluation process
  • Develop a process for establishing, implementing and communicating the funding priorities and resource allocation consistent with the Student Services, institutional strategic planning goals, and the college‚Äôs Educational Master Plan, Facilities Master Plan and Technology Master Plan
  • Coordinate with the Institutional Research Office to provide quantitative and qualitative data related to Student Services Programs
  • Establish and implement consistent decision-making criteria and evaluation priorities in matters concerning Student Services budget and resources
  • Facilitate collaboration of planning and budget discussions and decisions across other shared governance groups and planning and budget teams

Committee Structure


  • Vice President of Student Services
  • Committee elected person from within the committee


  • Administrators (5)
  • Faculty (3), with one from outside of Student Services
  • Classified (3), with one from outside of Student Services
  • Student (2)
  • Bargaining Unit (2-3)

    Confirmed/appointed by respective governance group

 Membership Terms (Staggered) 

  • Two-year terms for all De Anza Employees
  • Term of DASG Students or Designees

Decision-Making Process

  • Voting Majority

Committee Training Offered

Meeting Schedule

  • First and third Thursday of each month from 1:30-3:00 p.m., or as needed.

 * Co-chair Responsibilities

  • Facilitating meetings;
  • Developing the agenda (based on previous committee discussions and goals);
  • Ensuring that the committee accomplishes its' goals.
  • Making certain that minutes are posted to the SSPBT web page;
  • Attending meetings; and
  • Making presentations to College Council, Academic & Classified Senates,
    and other governance groups when needed.
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