General Meeting Information

Date: June 18, 2020
Time: 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.
Location: Online Mtg. held via Zoom*

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    1:30 p.m. Review Agenda & Notes I Booye/Mieso
    1:35 p.m. Student Services Presentation I/D Mieso
    2:00 p.m. Budget Update:
      - State Budget Update 6.16.20
      - FHDA Budget Planning Review
    I/D Mieso
    2:20 p.m. Program & Committee Updates I/D All
    2:40 p.m. SSPBT Membership Review I/D Mieso
    2:45 p.m. Open Letter to Senior Staff I Lee Tu
    3:00 p.m. Adjourn    

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    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Attending Members:  Balducci, Booye (co-chair), Glapion, Kirkpatrick, Mandy, Mieso (co-chair), Shannakian, Shively

    Guests:  Erick Aragon, Veronica Avila, Christine Chai, Dawn Lee Tu, Sabrina Stewart, Bob Stockwell

    Meeting Items

    Minutes Approval

    There were no amendments to the previous meeting notes or to the agenda.

    Student Services Highlights Presentation

    Student Services department highlights were collected and a presentation was created for the SSLO Convocation this year. Mieso wanted to bring the presentation to SSPBT so the managers in each area could go over some of the accomplishments that have been made during this transitional time.

    Some comments and questions from the presentation include:

    Enrollment Services & ISP

    • 300 Excused Withdrawals (EW) for winter quarter have been completed.
      • A question was raised about the W that shows up when an instructor or student drops the class. Galoyan explained that when the grades are rolled over, they will become an EW.
    • The P/NP deadline is Sept. 9, 2020; 180 days is required after shelter in place was initiated.
    • The Chemistry assessment is still being worked on to move to an online format for students.
    • We had 110 new ISP students for the spring quarter.

    Financial Aid

    • All student scholarships will be paid out by June 30th.
    • Student employee forms will be moving online soon.

    General Counseling & Transfer Center

    • We are working with Cranium Café since it has drop-in availability and is more student centered.
    • Transfer Center Fair will be held online and in collaboration with Foothill College.

    Occupational Training Institute (OTI)

    • The county has seen a 31% increase in CalWORKs applicants and CompTechS has given out over 30 computers to students.

    Office of Outreach & Relations with Schools

    • Outreach has moved all orientations online. Originally they had them every Thursday but have added Wednesdays as well. Orientations are currently fully booked through the month of July.

    Office of College Life

    • The new DASB has been sworn in and the Student Activities Specialist has been hired and will start July 1st.
    • They held a virtual Club Day in May and held their Student Leadership Gala on June 3rd.

    Psychological Services

    • It was noted that Psych Services also made drop-in sessions available to students after the death of George Floyd.

    Full Presentation

    Budget Update

    Mieso reviewed the most recent release from the State Chancellor’s Office on June 16, 2020 regarding next year’s budget. On June 15th the Assembly and Senate approved a placeholder budget bill for 2020-21 to meet the constitutional state deadline. Negotiations are still taking place between the legislature and the Governor with a budget agreement expected July 1, 2020.

    The Budget Planning Presentation from the District’s Vice Chancellor of Business Services Susan Cheu from May 5, 2020 was reviewed as well. Mieso briefly went through the revenue scenarios, some factors that may lessen the budget shortfall, and then the breakdown of the potential budget reduction at each campus location.

    Shively commented that the two houses came together rather quickly regarding the budget and have incorporated more deferments of cuts and payments. He mentioned that now would be a good time to contact the Governor in support of these options. With enrollment up, Shively said it would be a good time to promote investment versus cuts.

    Stockwell also suggested contacting the legislators to let them know of your support and to also contact the Governor about discontinuing Calbright online college to use that funding elsewhere.

    Mieso did want to mention that SSPBT may be required to meet over the summer if work on the budget needs to begin before the fall quarter starts, when meetings normally begin again.


    The SSPBT Membership was reviewed for next year. A couple of Classified members will need to be appointed due to their term ending and new members should be in place sometime over the summer.

    Committee and Program Updates

    This agenda item was shortened due to time but Mieso wanted to note some positive rulings from the courts this week:

    • LGBTQ+ ruling – the Supreme Court ruled that employment protections, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, extend to the LGBTQ+ community.
    • CARES Act Injunction – A federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction blocking the U.S. Department of Education from placing eligibility restrictions on CARES Act funding to California Community College students
    • DACA ruling – The Supreme Court upheld the DACA program and has blocked the dismantling of the program at this time.

    Open Letter to Senior Staff

    Christine Chai, Dawn Lee Tu, and Bob Stockwell wanted to present an “Open Letter to Senior Staff” for the SSPBT committee to read and think about how diverse and inclusive we really are. The letter acknowledges the steps that have recently been taken and provides questions for self-reflection. The letter also includes Guiding Principles with the “aim of re-orienting institutional habits for true shared governance.”

    The letter was composed to spark conversation, dialog, to think about, and reflect on one’s actions. With what is happening right now with the BLM movement, this moment makes us ask what we need to do to be more inclusive and equitable; it is a call to action.

    Booye said the Classified Senate received the letter and will be reviewing it in their last meeting on Tuesday. They wanted time beforehand to read it, absorb it, and then have a conversation about it.

    Mieso said this letter will be further discussed and does make us look at how we serve our underserved and marginalized students. He mentioned that Outreach brings students on campus for full day conferences that are specifically for African American and Latinx student populations from various high schools in the area. Outreach also has a Men of Color Program to improve support for these students.

    Mieso has established a Student Services management team that includes all managers and supervisors from the Student Services area. This team was established so they could work together and collaborate more to ensure we do what is best for our students.

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