Meeting Notes 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Attending: Beckum, Booye, Cole, Cook, Corrao, Espinosa-Pieb, Glapion, Haynes, Hunter, LeBleu-Burns, Marquez, Mirakhur (DASB), Mieso, Moberg, Moreno, Patlan, Poon

Review Agenda and Meeting Notes – Enrollment Management added to the agenda. The notes from the January 19, 2011 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Academic Senate Request: SSPBT – The group agreed more information was needed and Moreno will ask for clarification. 

Cook requested that the SSPBT members serving on the Academic Senate clarify who is to report to the Senate.

SSPBT would like an update from the Academic Senate on the request to change SSPBT Co-chairs.

Governance Task Force – Marquez shared the group is working to update the college handbook and web sites.

Cook thanked everyone for the work they have done regarding the evaluation of the SSPBT membership. Marquez and Hunter will take the request to College Council and ask for an update on the recommendations SSPBT presented last spring.

Follow up discussion DARE Task Force Assessment Practices report

Moberg reminded everyone the document is on the DARE web site for further review. The task force will develop themes from the responses. Recommendations from SSPBT included:

· More information to students, links to web sites so students are aware of what is available, (Mieso will handle)

· A one-day pilot (March), students meet with Math advisor right after receiving their assessment results

· More multiple measures - needs more discussion

· Hold students accountable for pre requisites in English and Math 

· Cook asked that the report be reviewed with Centanni and the EDC staff because they would have students affected. (Haynes to follow up)

· DASB - Schedule the Orientation first, then the assessment, which will help students build a connection with the school and feel more comfortable, provide a sample test for students to review.

Cook mentioned RP Group has information about assessment and testing.

Cook suggests improving the directions for students to the assessment office.

Mieso includes a component re assessment in the high school workshops. 

Patlan recommends gathering input from the high school students about testing.

Mieso commented high school students might not be able to move forward without support and advisement.

Concern – Are we offering enough of the classes students are being advised to take? 

The plan is to review data to determine if students enroll in classes they are advised to take.

Cook concern that the pre requisites follow matriculation guidelines?

Moberg/Hunter stressed Student Services should be represented at the February 9th meeting.

Counseling will be represented on 2/9 at the DARE meeting to provide input about the report.

Cook summarized the recommendations

· Review report

· Provide feedback by February 9th

· Review comments

· EDC input

· Follow up meeting with EDC to discuss the report

Enrollment Management – Cook shared the college is chasing enrollment and the importance of working with instruction to offer enough English and Math sections. Will ask SSPBT to provide input on what courses they see as being in demand.

Cook reviewed a survey provided by Newell’s survey (send out) regarding why students did not enroll in the fall quarter. 

Highlights included:

· Class was full

· Wanted to take a break from school

· Course times needed were not offered (follow up on what courses, times and days offered)

· Problem with online registration

· Enrolled in another school

Moberg suggested a survey from fall to winter, versus fall to fall.

Poon – Provide instruction with the high school assessment results showing where and what the students need and that course sequence affects enrollment management.

Cook – Approach from the enrollment perspective, send recommendations to Espinosa-Pieb.

Hunter – Provide a way to let everyone know when changes in course sequence happen.

Cook – asked for the following

1) Enrollment planning for spring quarter working with marketing/scheduling.

2) Message, we do have classes and we want to keep the classes.

Mieso suggested Newell send a five-question survey…to find out where students want classes. Cook will forward the recommendation to Newell.

Problem noted that classes added in the fall were not publicized, counseling could have offered to students on waitlists.

Concern that counseling has no designated classroom.

Set Agenda for next meeting – Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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