Meeting Notes - March 2, 2011

Attending: Beckum, Booye, Cole, Cook, Corrao, Espinosa-Pieb, Glapion, Haynes, Hunter, LeBleu-Burns, Marquez, Mirakhur (DASB), Mieso, Moberg, Moreno, Patlan, Poon

Review Agenda and Meeting Notes – Poon - update on the League for Innovation Conference and DASB added under Reports to the agenda. Notes from the February 16, 2011 meeting are in process.

Academic Senate Request - The Senate is planning a meeting with all constituent groups to discuss how we will approach the budget cuts. They would like five members from each group to participate. SSPBT expressed that the information from the College Value Statement should be included in the discussion with the Academic Senate. Booye, Haynes, Marquez, Mirakhur (DASB), Poon will represent the SSPBT.

Program Review Criteria – Haynes (handout) reported IPBT is well on the way to developing their criteria and mentioned some changes made. Questions - What do we want to connect to long term? How much can you reduce and still be effective? What does the state want us to commit to?

Haynes also shared the state wants us to limit enrollment but not cut basic skills, transfer and career services, which we need to discuss before finalizing our criteria. Cook expressed concern on the use of the word complexion under Institutional Planning in the IPBT criteria.

Cook wants to look at the data regarding the students we serve and address outreach includes many students that need basic skills.

SSPBT to review the proposed criteria proposed to make budget reductions.

Poon and Moberg working with Newell re database to show effects of various departments and will ask what areas were used for program data base and enrollment trends.

Haynes – PR updates should include program changes, what they are and how important. Include what the program has to do with basic skills, transfer and career services and whom the students are they serve. SSPBT agreed to add to the PR Update - describe the kind of students your program serves and explain the data used.

Cook – Identify if the population you are now serving is not on the list, i.e. psych services.

Haynes – Will need to form reading teams to review PRs after they are submitted.

Cook – Develop an ad hoc group to frame a timeline for the PRs (Haynes, Cook Corrao, Glapion, Mirakhur (DASB)) for discussion at the March 16th meeting.

College Council – Cook shared the discussion regarding the SSPBT proposal was postponed until the March 10th meeting.

MSA – Hunter is replacing Kaufman on College Council.

Cook - Discuss replacements for Hunter and Beckum from Academic Senate, Marquez and Corrao from Classified Senate by the end of the Spring Quarter, so new members will be in place for the fall. Marquez suggested staggering the terms. The SSPBT proposal to the AS and CS to add an at large member will make the terms odd/even.

Cook reminded everyone about the SS Spring Retreat on April 21st and would welcome others to work with the planning group. Linda Thor will attend the retreat to talk about the League for Innovation.

Academic Senate - Moreno provided an update on SSPBT.

SLO – Haynes reminded everyone SLO statements are due by March 18th. Training is available to help write PLO statement.

DASB – Mirakhur reported that some students would like to provide input on the DARE Assessment report. Hunter asked that they send their input to her. DASB is working on an animated video to include in their orientation to students. Cook commented this should be considered an innovation and noted the contacts Mirakhur has (Poon, Moreno, Glapion, Hunter, Kahn)

A & R - Moberg reported registration for Spring Quarter starts March 10th.

Classifed Senate - Marquez will forward Classified Survey about improving services. Cook to incorporate into the Accreditation Self Study.

EOPS - Hunter shared that Financial Aid and Assessment provided a workshop for EOPS students to answer questions and clarify Assessment procedures.

League Conference - Poon provided an update on the League Conference – large participation by CCs and many venues offered, keynote speakers, forums, round tables, host a board session and information gatherings. Presentations will be available on the League web site.


Cook commented that a discussion would be held at the SS Spring Retreat regarding projects/programs in Student Services for Innovations to submit next year.

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