Meeting Notes - May 19, 2010

Attending: Beckum, Booye, Cook, Corrao, Glapion, Haynes, Hunter, Irvin, Marquez, Mieso, Moberg, Patlan

Guest: Argyriou

Review Agenda & Notes - There were no additions to the agenda. Notes from the May 5th meeting were reviewed and approved.

Finalize Membership, Goals and Purpose for SSPBT - The group reviewed the May 11th draft of the SSPBT Purpose and Goals and provided input: Add additional text to the Core Value introduction. Haynes will provide suggested text for the group’s review.

SLOs & SSLOs - Haynes reviewed the purpose of the additional meetings scheduled on May 26 and June 9th. SSPBT will work on linking SS Program Reviews with SLOs. Handout #1 IPBT Program Review Process DRAFT. The SLO chairs will be meeting with the College Council to begin work on details of the six-year plan. Also distributed was the ACCJC Evaluating Institutional Effectiveness (The Three Rubrics) addressing Program Review, Planning and Student Learning Outcomes, Handout #2. Haynes suggested that College Council take a more active role in the SLO process. He also reported on his visit to Napa Valley College (5 + 1 plan) and a process they are using for SLOs.

The agenda for the May 26th SSPBT meeting: - Discuss SLOs, Review IPBT PR Process and how well we are assessing our programs, Use of The Three Rubrics for a summary, Develop a SSPBT process to determine a hybrid for curriculum and funding.
Haynes also provided a DRAFT Student Services Program Review Update Form Handout #3 for the groups review and input ASAP (available electronically). He commented that Bradley Cramer is still working on including the SLOs in the ECS System and that other commercial products are being explored. Handout #4 Student Services Learning Outcome Statements were reviewed. Haynes noted there are some common statements through out for Student Services. He asked for input on the statements and if they could be improved.

Committee Reports - Hunter reported that the DARE Task Force will host a light lunch on

June 2nd from 11:30 – 1 p.m. will provide a progress report and survey results. Anyone interested in developmental education is encouraged to attend.
Diversity Advisory – Beckum shared that there has been a lot of discussion about replacing the campus Diversity Officer because Duane Kubo is retiring. Also being discussed is the role of the Director of the ICCE and the Coordinator for Diversity. Concern about who is measuring equity, recruiting and training EO representatives. MSA is writing a proposal to address the role of Diversity at the college.
IPBT – Irvin shared that members are reviewing Program Reviews in groups of 2-3 and will bring back input to the Deans and Managers meeting for discussion.
Standard IV – Marquez shared the two steering committees will meet this week to consider assignments.
Others - EOPS end of the year event is in the Euphrat. More details will follow.
District Wellness Committee – Reminder to participate in the Walking Challenge.
Reminder of the New Student and Parent Open House on Saturday, May 22.
The Kiwanis Special Olympics is being held on the campus on Friday, May 21st.

Summary and Agenda Items - Cook asked members to attend the College Council meeting on either May 27 or June 10th, when the proposed changes in the SSPBT Purpose, Goals and Membership are discussed. The SSPBT sub group will meet and update the proposal for the College Council meeting and will bring an update to the SSPBT on May 26th for review.

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