Mission Statement – De Anza College provides an academically rich, multicultural learning environment that challenges students of every background to develop their intellect, character and abilities; to realize their goals; and to be socially responsible leaders in their communities, the nation and the world. De Anza College fulfills its mission by engaging students in creative work that demonstrates the knowledge, skills and attitudes contained within the college’s Institutional Core Competencies: Communication and expression, Information literacy, Physical/mental wellness and personal responsibility, Global, cultural, social and environmental awareness, Critical thinking Adopted Spring 2010

Meeting Notes - May 1, 2013

Attending: Caballero de Cordero, Cook, Glapion, Haynes, Kirkpatrick, LeBleu-Burns, Leonard, Mieso, Moberg, Moreno, Robles, Thai

Review Agenda and Notes – there were no additions to the agenda and the notes from April 17, 2013 were approved.

Review of APRUs

Discussion regarding criteria for reading the APRUs. SSPBT members were referred to the 2012 Criteria and to add the question – Are SSLOs mentioned and whether the SSLOs are connected to resource request?

Discussion re Comprehensive Programs and measuring the progress by their individual standards. Recommendation to track over several years and measure programs by their own benchmarks – year-to-year.

Additional comments: Additional training needed to help people understand where they are in the framework of the APRUs.

Discussed the importance of feedback provided to the APRU writers.

SSPBT agreed to meet two additional times in May to complete the APRU reviews. Meetings will be on May 15, May 22 and May 29th.


ISP Spring enrollment is 1980 students

Saturday, May 11th Parent and Student Open House, Sunken Garden

De Hart Scholarship recipient for 2013 is Charlotte Deloche

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