Meeting Notes - June 2, 2010

Attending: Beckum, Booye, Cook, Corrao, DASB (Custodio), Espinosa-Pieb, Glapion, Haynes, Hunter, Irvin, LeBleu-Burns, Marquez, Mieso, Moberg, Moreno, Patlan
Review Agenda & Notes - the agenda for the meeting was reviewed and the notes from the May 19th meeting were approved as amended.
Update on College Council Presentation – Cook shared that the respective SSPBT representatives need to present the recommended revision for the SSPBT to their governance group, Academic and Classified Senates, before presenting to the College Council.
Cook would like the SSPBT Academic Senate and Classified Senate representatives to request an update from the SSPBT included on the meeting agenda, since it is the responsibility of the representatives to provide updates and bring back information to the SSPBT.
Mieso suggested clarifying Responsibilities in the revised SSPBT document – committee members are to report to and from their constituent groups.
Glapion suggest that at the first meeting of the year, the group decide who the respective representatives will be and who will post information.
Cook asked for volunteers to take the proposed changes to the Academic and Classified Senates. Beckum will submit items to the Senate for the agenda and Marquez will take the revision to the Classified Senate. It was suggested the SSPBT Sub group present the revision to the Academic Senate. The SSPBT Sub group will meet to include the changes proposed at this meeting: 1) Responsibilities, 2) Appointment for department heads, 3) Review managers being appointed by the VP of Students.
SLOs & SSLOs – Haynes provided a handout of SS areas that complete PRs and are published on the web site. He is working on the cover letter for the SLO update form and will send the list with the cover letter and form.
He also provided a draft proposal of the SSPBT PR process and suggests a discussion with the Institutional Research Office regarding SS data and how we interact with them.
The College Council agreed to the six-year plan for SLOs. The plan works best when the annual updates are completed and changes made annually, rather than a mega review at the end.
Cook suggests including student and faculty input in the PRs, improvements and how to do them successfully, focus groups and a SS survey input on what we are doing to determine what students think or need.
Hunter recommends reviewing our criteria before completing another PR because each SS area is unique.  
Glapion, Corrao and Haynes will form a sub group to work on refining the document for the group to take back to their areas.
Committee Reports
DARE – Hunter reported that attendance at the DARE event today was good. The DARE core group will be working on the Assessment report (Mieso & Anderson) and will include qualitative and quantitative data. Plans include a way to catch students before Counseling 100, and the number of quarters needed to get into a class.
Counseling – Moreno shared the Math Department announced at the Counseling Training recently a change in course sequence, which is confusing. Some classes are being eliminated, making it even more difficult for students to get the classes they need. Many will go somewhere else to complete their math courses. This particularly impacts ISP students.
IPBT – Irvin shared that the IPBT is working on their PR criteria, but won’t finalize it until the state budget is in place. They are setting goals for next year 1) reassigned time, 2) stipends. IPBT complimented SSPBT on the good work we did on our planning document.
EOPS – An EOPS student was selected for the President’s Award.

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