Meeting Notes - June 9, 2010

Attending: Haynes, Moreno, Patlan
Review Agenda & Notes - Due to the number of end of the year activities taking place, the meeting lacked a quorum. The agenda and review of the notes from the last meeting were postponed until the meeting on June 16th.
SSPBT sub group report – Haynes shared that the SSPBT sub group had met and reviewed the recommended changes to the SSPBT document and will be shared at the next meeting.
We reviewed a memo from Cook regarding Senior Staff’s recommendation that the proposed revisions be postponed until the fall.
We talked about the sub group continuing to meet through the summer.
Haynes shared a copy of the Participating Governance Decision-Making Model Organization Chart. He commented on the need to update the chart to be in sync with the information on governance web site.
SLOs & SSLOs – Postponed the discussion on the latest draft of the SLO update form to the meeting on June 16th.

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