Meeting Notes - June 16, 2010

Attending: Beckum, Booye, Cook, Corrao, Haynes, Hunter, LeBleu-Burns, Marquez, Mieso, Patlan
Review Agenda & Notes – There were no additions to the agenda and the notes from the June 1st meeting were reviewed and approved.
Student Services Realignment – Cook will email the latest document, which includes input received from Student Services, for discussion at the next meeting.
Beckum reported that Nickel/Chan of Counseling/Matriculation presented a proposal to the Academic Senate that two counselors serve on the SSPBT instead of one. (Handout) Cook thanked Beckum for bringing this information back to the group. There will be more discussion and she will communicate the information to College Council. Work on the document will continue through the summer for review in the fall.
Program Reviews, Instructions, Update Form
Cook thanked Haynes for taking the lead in tying Program Reviews and SLOs.
Haynes reported on the work of the SSPBT sub group on Program Reviews and reviewed the handout SSPBT Program Review Process Draft.
He also provided a one-page document and instruction sheet for the annual Program Review updates. Also mentioned is the importance of information flow from Program Reviews. Two to three people review the PR list and prioritize needs, or by the whole group.
Cook announced IPBT is proposing a mega PBT meeting to share information.
SLOs & SSLOs – Form –
Summer Meetings/2010-11 Goals – Suggestion that a SSPBT sub group meet to develop a training meeting. Cook and Moreno will work out who needs to meet. Volunteers are: Marquez, Booye, Glapion and will work with Reza.
Committee Reports – Marquez reported that the Classified Senate approved the Student Services Realignment.

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