Mission Statement - De Anza College provides an academically rich, multicultural learning environment that challenges students of every background to develop their intellect, character and abilities; to realize their goals; and to be socially responsible leaders in their communities, the nation and the world. The college engages students in creative work that demonstrates the knowledge, skills and attitudes contained within the college’s Institutional Core Competencies:
           • Communication and expression
           • Information literacy
           • Physical/mental wellness and personal responsibility
           • Civic capacity for global, cultural, social and environmental justice
           • Critical thinking                                                                                                    — Updated Spring 2014

Meeting Notes - October 17, 2019

Attending Members:  Alexander, Balducci, Booye, Glapion, Kirkpatrick, Mandy, Mieso (co-chair), Miya (DASB), Shannakian

Guests:  Veronica Avilla

There were no amendments to the notes or to the agenda.

Welcome Back and Introductions

Mieso welcomed everyone back and the members introduced themselves.

SSLO Presentation

Avila presented on the SSLO for the 2019 - 20 fiscal year.
All programs should complete at least one SSLO cycle.

The SSLO/AUO Accreditation Cycle: Critical Thinking

  • Student learning
    • Outcome/Administrative Learning
    • Outcome (Re)Defined
  • Assessment Methods
  • Assessment Data Summary
  • Add brief reflection
  • Enhancement

How the SSLO/AUO Process Works

  • Step 1: Brainstorm – what are the division or department goals?
  • Step 2: Write SSLO/AUO that reflects goals and aspirations
  • Step 3: Write enhancement

Let’s Work with your SSLOs/AUOs activity

  • Share one thing about your department that you are most proud of
    • We help student grow, become leaders
    • We have reduced the wait time in Counseling
    • Robust outreach in DSPS
    • How DASB connected and supportive they are to different areas on campus with their funding of various events on campus.

Team Work

  • Ideas about When and Where to Work
    • Division and Department meetings
    • Retreats
    • Convocation
    • Special meetings

The next steps – Avilla will start meeting with the different areas about SSLOs. Avila will also write up a SSLO overview that will be sent out to everyone.

New Faculty Positions

Veterans Program – Veteran Counselor

  • We have about 350 veteran students
  • A full time Counselor is needed to fully serve the needs of our veteran students
  • We now have a new Veteran Resource Center (VRC) to better serve our Veteran Program
  • The current PT faculty saw about 35 students a day during the first two weeks of the fall quarter

General Counseling – Retention Counselor

  • 1400 students currently on probation, this counselor will focus on serving these students
  • Would like to give more attention to level 1 students to stop the probation cycle
  • Have set up an early alert probation team that the counselor will be a part of
    • Will be revisiting the levels and workshops to see what is and what is not working
  • Is an equity issue and affects their Financial Aid

The motion to approve was seconded and the vote was unanimous to hire for these two new positions.

Membership Review

Mieso went over the SSPBT webpage that included the Mission, Charge, Committee Structure, and Membership. The next step was to vote for a new co-chair.

There were multiple nominees and the final vote nominated Marilyn Booye as the new co-chair.

Priorities for 2019 - 2020

The SSPBT Team reviewed the Goals and priorities from 2018-19 and revised them for this fiscal year.

  • Retention and Student Success
  • Student Centered Funding Formula
  • New Initiatives: AB705, College Promise, SEA Program
  • Guided Pathways
  • Student Equity

It was recommended we do a summary of our goals/priorities to see what we did to address them at the end of the year or at the beginning of the new fiscal year.

Program & Committee Updates

  • Miya reported that DASB have been voting for chairs for various committees and approving the DASB budget. The 2020-21 Budget Application is open now and it was suggested a reminder email be sent out before the deadline since some changes have been made. It was also mentioned that Club Day was very active this year.

  • Kirkpatrick mentioned ACE negotiations have just started for the year so there will be more to report at a later date.

  • Balducci reported that the Transfer Center just hosted their yearly Transfer Day. It was very busy and well attended this year.

  • Booye reported that the Classified Senate has been preparing for the De Anza President search committee and have created “ClassiFridays” that include workshops for Classified employees. The link can be found here. Booye also mentioned that EOPS has absorbed the Foster Youth /Guardian Scholars Program and are celebrating the EOPS 50th anniversary.

  • Lisa and her group from Financial Aid have been doing “Cash for College” events at high schools. They have about 3000 total students in the College Promise Program and are working on refining the reports. Book voucher coordination with the Bookstore is working well this year.

  • Alexander reported that the CSU applications have opened up and that the UC applications will be opening up in November so make sure to send students to check in with their Counselors to see if they are ready.

  • Glapion from DSPS said they are in the process of hiring Counselors and developing resources for students.
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