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SSPBT Meeting Notes - October 18, 2018

Attending Members:  Booye, DASB (Tanubrata), Glapion, Kirkpatrick, LeBleu-Burns, Mandy, Mieso (co-chair), Robles (co-chair), Shears, White-Daniels

Bob Stockwell represented FA for Shively

Guests:  Ericka Flores, Kimberly Fukuyama, Mallory Newell

Food, Housing, and Transportation Insecurity Survey Results

The Food, Housing, and Transportation Insecurity Security survey was completed during the Spring 18 quarter.

The survey was distributed by email to all registered students on May 10th, 2018, and remained open for two weeks. 2,021 responses were submitted, which resulted in an 11% response rate.

Survey respondents indicated high rates of basic needs insecurity on all measures:

  • 60% (1,209) of survey respondents were transportation insecure
  • 58% (1,171) of respondents were food insecure (low and very low food security
  • 56% (1,128) of respondents were housing insecure
  • 18% (365) of respondents were homeless

Full Survey Presentation

Flores followed the presentation with information about De Anza’s Food Pantry, located in the Seminar 3 Building. There are now satellite pantries around campus in MPS, VIDA, and KIRCH center and a mobile food pantry that comes on campus the 2nd /4th Tuesday of the month. Last year the main Food Pantry served 409 unduplicated students with 2,227 total visits.

More information can be found on their website below that is in the process of being updated with the new services:


Robles commented that there seemed to be an increased need among the EOPS students. The numbers are showing the EOPS data but DSPS student data was not coming up so this was going to be looked into further.

Another survey was being circulated to students that many were interested in so Newell said she would forward it so the individuals could send it out to their students.

SSLO Cycle

Mieso reported on behalf of Veronica Avila, the SSLO Coordinator for Student Services. The SSLO cycle is now in year two, and this means that all departments should have at least one complete SSLO cycle within the next few years. Avila would like to begin contacting departments to set up meetings with them to review their current work and to discuss potential work as well.

SSPBT Goals 2018-19

Robles started the discussion with a poem from a student that he wanted to share.

The New Way

People Should See
That God is Real,
We Shouldn’t Kill
You Get the Deal.

Stop the Hate
Don’t Decriminate,
Let’s Get it Together
Before it’s too Late.

Building a Wall
Not the Law,
God Made All
So He Make’s the Call.

Let’s be Fare
Continue to Share,
And Join Together
Like a Pair.

By Leroy Phillips

Robles expressed that the last couple of weeks have been very difficult for everyone but we have to move forward. Goals were discussed for 2018-19 and will be finalized at the next meeting:

  • Communication
  • Information Sharing
  • Enrollment Strategies
  • Service Delivery Alignment
  • Planning to Mitigate Impact of Budget Cuts
  • New Initiatives Funding Formula
  • Data

Program & Committee Updates

Since SSPBT was going to have their budget reduction presented to College Council on Oct. 25th, Shears wanted to know where IPBT was with their budget reductions. Mieso said they have been going through the viability process for programs and they are set to present to College Council on Nov. 1st. The budget reductions will then be forwarded to the District on Nov. 2nd.

A question was asked if there would be any joint PBTs this year since it looks like this has been done in the past. There are not any planned joint meetings this year and College Council has representatives from all PBTs already. Many felt there is a different purpose and focus at College Council so Mieso said he would bring it up with Senior Staff.

At future SSPBT meetings it was requested the committee discuss the breakdown of Guided Pathways, the new funding formulas and initiatives, and a SEAP update.

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