Meeting Notes - November 3, 2010

Attending: Beckum, Booye, Cook, Corrao, DASB, Glapion, Haynes, Hunter, LeBleu-Burns, Marquez, Mieso, Moberg, Moreno, Patlan, Poon
Review Agenda and Meeting Notes – No additions to the agenda and the notes from the October 20 meeting were reviewed and approved.
Committee Member Training Debrief – (Send Feedback to J. Reza)
Comments included:
The orientation was a good reminder that we do serve students and the college versus representing members of our
constituency group or needs.
Keep talking about whom we represent and report back to.
Need more training about representing the whole of the college as well as members of our constituency groups.
Cook – We have a responsibility to know the Mission Statement and the Institutional Core Competencies critical to committee orientation.
Look at the interpretation of meaning to different areas.
LeBlue-Burns – handout – “What is Expected of Committee Members”
Academic Senate Response to SSPBT Recommendations
Moreno reported the Academic Senate needs more time to discuss the proposal. She will meet with Student Services faculty for further discussion. Cook requested the information from this meeting be reported back to the Senate and that they make a recommendation to College Council.
Student Services Web Page –
Cook shared that Julie Ceballos is updating the Student Services web page to include additional items. We will need to maintain/update.
LeBleu-Burns – Consider what information students need and provide links. Cook recommends a sub group to review information and update student handbook. Counseling may develop one handbook including Student Rights and Responsibilities, Student Code of Conduct and information from Campus Security.  
“B” Budget Augmentation Criteria – the team asked to see “B” Budget Augmentation Criteria previously used. Cook responded the information would be sent electronically prior to the next meeting.
2010-11 Goals and Priorities – postponed until the next meeting.
- Program Reviews - Haynes (handout) Program Review Process DRAFT #4
To do: Determine how we want to receive PRs, individually or through dean of the area.
Include Mission Statement and ICCs in PRs
The SLO team is working on a document about writing a PR as it relates to the Mission Statement and the ICCs
Annual updates until a mega review prior to the next Accreditation cycle (outcome based)
- Reviewed the plans to purchase TRACDAT, for capturing outcomes, by the end of the year
- Tech Task Force – Cook encouraged everyone to review the ETAC Priority List and address concerns to the Campus Technology Task Force. Invite representatives from ETAC and the Tech Task Force to provide an update in person or in writing.
SLOs/SSLOs – Haynes reported all programs in Students Services have submitted their SLOSs/SSLOs and ten have submitted PR updates.
Meeting Summary and Agenda Items for the next meeting
Agenda SSPBT – 11/17 or 12/ 1 - Invite Jeanpierre re a budget timeline overview, where we are now and what to expect.
Invite McElroy to talk about his role in terms of the budget; include question and answer (collect questions ahead). Members invite others from their area to attend.
Invite representatives for an update from ETAC and the Campus Technology Task Force
Agenda items for SSPBT - November 17 meeting 1) “B” Budget Augmentation Criteria, 2) 2010-11 Goals and Priorities
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