Mission Statement – De Anza College provides an academically rich, multicultural learning environment that challenges students of every background to develop their intellect, character and abilities; to realize their goals; and to be socially responsible leaders in their communities, the nation and the world. De Anza College fulfills its mission by engaging students in creative work that demonstrates the knowledge, skills and attitudes contained within the college’s Institutional Core Competencies: Communication and expression, Information literacy, Physical/mental wellness and personal responsibility, Global, cultural, social and environmental awareness, Critical thinking Adopted Spring 2010

Meeting Notes - November 7, 2013

Attending: Ceballos, Cole, Cook, Glapion, Haynes, LeBleu-Burns, Mieso, Moberg, Robles, Thai

Review Agenda & Notes: There were no additions to the agenda and the notes from the 10/17/13
were amended as noted.
Task Group Updates: Add Ceballos and Robles to Technology Task Group
Technology Task Group update (handout – Student Services technology needs and projects
update for SSPBT 11/17/13) Additions to the list include:
-Time line
-Admissions – On-line application
-Counseling – Add Starfish as Urgent – follow up for at risk students i.e. early alert
Student Development & EOPS –
-Electronic Medical Records (Moreau suggests using Medicats)
LeBleu Burns proposed sending a questionnaire to other colleges asking how they store their medical records.
-Clipper card for VTA/Eco Pass - VTA will begin using the Clipper card winter quarter.
The college is working on including access to the Clipper card on the DASB card.
-ADVOCATE – ETS is working on making it accessible through Banner and using
Smart phones for reporting.
DSPS – ClockWorks - digital data base will be available soon. ClockWorks will enable DSPS to
meet documentation requirements of new laws.
Financial Aid – Add document scanning
Outreach – Need to update online enrollment steps – Urgent
Decide whether to continue offering Orientation classes online.
-General Technology Needs to explore – technologies that support SSSP Mandate & Early Alert.
The DARE group has created a task force to review the De Anza web site and to help create a
welcoming pathway for students to enrollment, simplify and clarify navigating the web site. 
Recommended establishing a web governance team.
Suggestions include using students’ language, involving students; particularly gamers on campus (Robles), ask them to help us develop how to navigate electronic information and eliminate dense language.  Use a few key words to access information and look into using SARS.
Students are not using email. They are texting.
Robles – provide questionnaire about the best ways to contact students, i.e. texting.
Suggestion made to request a person from ETS help Student Services with technology.
Check on finding money to fund this.
Veterans Task Force – A&R handles student veteran’s issues. If student veterans are already working with DSS, veterans should be referred to them to deal with their disability issues. 
Veterans Day ceremony well done but not well attended.
A & R will hold a Registration Workshop for veterans and they will get priority registration if they attend, counselors will be available to help with Degree Works so veterans can obtain program certification. This will help to avoid veterans registering at the last minute and finding classes filled. A & R will send information to the list serve and text.
Veterans Club – A veteran is working on starting up the club again but they need a center.
Suggestion - Use SARS to flag veterans that need to work with DSS for counseling.
Counseling will create a survey asking veterans if they are having physical or mental problems, and then redirect to DSS.
Suggestion – Welcome Center
Common Goals for PBTs
Cook, Espinosa-Pieb and Jeanpierre agreed to hold a Jt. PBT meeting in January 2014 to discuss:
-Timeline and Process for PR
-How they are approaching their equity plan as it relates to the classroom and instruction.
-Ask Newell how to obtain information about students that do not fit into any group and (if we
 were fully staffed) how we can better help them.
Follow up on the Sexual Assault happening following our processes. More information will be
forthcoming informing the community as we receive it. Questions and/or concerns should be
referred to the appropriate people. Follow up will be to reassure people they are safe
on campus and who to see with concerns.
Chancellor’s Office Mental Health Training at Cabrillo next week to discuss establishing and
setting up safe places for LGBQT students. Robles will report back to the group.
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