Mission Statement - De Anza College provides an academically rich, multicultural learning environment that challenges students of every background to develop their intellect, character and abilities; to realize their goals; and to be socially responsible leaders in their communities, the nation and the world. The college engages students in creative work that demonstrates the knowledge, skills and attitudes contained within the college’s Institutional Core Competencies:
           • Communication and expression
           • Information literacy
           • Physical/mental wellness and personal responsibility
           • Civic capacity for global, cultural, social and environmental justice
           • Critical thinking                                                                                                    — Updated Spring 2014

SSPBT Meeting Notes - November 30, 2017

Attending Members: Avila, Booye, Burgos, Doan, Glapion, Kirkpatrick, LeBleu-Burns, Mandy, Robles, Shears, Shively, Ward, White-Daniels

There were no amendments to the notes or to the agenda.

Guided Pathways Self-Assessment Tool

An email was sent out to the committee in preparation for the agenda item discussion that included instructions, information, and a link to the interactive Guided Pathways Self-Assessment Tool.

In the meeting on November 16th Cook reviewed this tool with the SSPBT committee and the section that the SSPBT team was responsible for:  Inquiry.

  • Cook and Mieso volunteered to complete this section that included three parts.
  • Parts one and three of the Inquiry section were completed.

Cook requested that the committee complete part two and review parts one and three in the document by Monday, December 4th. The committee discussed the provided documents and
went over the parts to be completed and reviewed.

Resource Requests

Le-Bleu Burns presented her resource requests for Student Development.

  • The request is to move one Faculty position to Health Services from Office of College Life and to then create a manager position in it’s place.
    • The Faculty position would become a licensed Social Worker in Psychological Services. In a 7 year period psychological appointments have increased by 300%
      • They began with 239 appointments, now up to 989 appointments
      • With such demand, there is difficulty covering students in crisis
      • Title IX cases also cause an issue because both students involved in a case cannot be covered by one license; it is a conflict of interest.
  • The then vacant Director of College Life position would become a management position.
    • By making this a non-faculty position, the person would be able to supervise the staff, TEAs, and student workers in the area directly creating a more functional department.
  • The Social Worker Faculty position would be funded by the mandatory student health fee and the Director of College Life manager position would be funded by what has been already budgeted for the position.
  • Full Presentation

White-Daniels quickly reviewed her request form the November 16th meeting to fill five positions:

  • All the positions are funded by SSSP
  • None of these positions are new positions
  • Full Presentation

The SSPBT committee was then asked to vote on both requests. The vote was done by consensus and there were no objections or abstentions to the proposed requests from White-Daniels and Le-Bleu Burns from the SSPBT committee. The SSPBT staffing recommendations will be presented to Senior Staff and College Council.

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