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Meeting Notes - January 17, 2019

Attending Members:  Avila, Booye, Galoyan, Glapion, Mandy, Robles (co-chair), Shannakian, Shively, Wethington

Guest:  Dawn Lee Tu 

There were no amendments to the notes or to the agenda.

Robles opened the meeting by welcoming Nazy Galoyan, the new Student Services Dean of Enrollment Services & ISP.

Program Review 2018-19

Avila presented on Program Reviews and mentioned the new template was loaded in Nuventive. She explained when going in to start the new program review, the dates in the title need to be changed. Avila suggested saving often and if someone didn’t have login access to let her know.

There was some confusion regarding the due dates for the program reviews so clarification was requested.

Program & Committee Updates

A request was made to Galoyan to present an enrollment update. Galoyan explained that De Anza was down about 5% and the District as a whole, 4.8%. Robles mentioned EOPS was also down about 3% and Mandy said the Pell [Grant] was down this year as well.

Robles mentioned that EOPS students were struggling with Statistics/Math 10 and Booye from DSPS said student requests for tutoring for English and Math were increasing. Some felt students are pressured from many sides to go into college level math versus a lower level that may be a better option for them. With the changes in placement from AB705, a student is allowed to take a transfer level math test if they meet certain criteria versus just taking a placement test.

  • Shively commented that he wasn’t sure if this change helps students or is just for efficient
    purposes only.
  • Robles did wonder where the data for AB705 was coming from because he wasn’t seeing
    the same results in EOPS program.

After some discussion, many commented that Student Services and Instruction needed to come together to discuss the struggles the students are facing with AB705. What resources are needed to support students with these classes?

It was raised that a discussion on some department moves regarding Psychological Services, Outreach, and Veterans be discussed in the next SSPBT meeting as well.

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