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SSPBT Meeting Notes - February 1, 2018

Attending Members: Avila, Doan, Glapion, LeBleu-Burns, Mandy, Murphy, Mieso, Robles, Shively, Ward, Wethington, White-Daniels

Guests: Susan Cheu, Ola Sabawi

There were no amendments to the notes and or to the agenda.

Position Reviews

Murphy wanted to clarify the discussion that took place regarding the five Counseling positions and the two proposed positions in Student Development.

  • The Faculty position in Psychological Services was approved and will move forward.
  • The Office of College Life Director position will stay a Faculty position.
  • The positions in Counseling require more data before a decision can be made such as budget analysis and counseling workflow. This information was not available during the initial review.

Budget Reduction Scenario

Murphy reviewed some of the slides from Cheu’s Budget Presentation with the committee

  • We have about two months to do the work we need to do to take care of the budget
  • We are continuing to have enrollment issues, down 8% this winter quarter
  • The more we plan, the more we can keep our employment numbers
  • For the winter quarter we had to cut 149 classes that affected 1055 students
    • 93.5% or 987 of those students were recovered from those dropped classes
    • 68 students were not recovered, causing a loss of about $38,000
    • We saved about $1 million from the cancelled sections, focusing on the productivity
      over FTES
    • Action Item:
      • Start now with what works best in the individual Student Services areas
        • Address the two tiers, 17-18 and 18-19 fiscal year
        • We will receive credit for the entire salary of a vacated position
        • All retirements will be reviewed before being filled
        • Review contracts and alternative funding sources
        • Analyze, review the metrics, regulations, functionality, impact,
          and consequences
        • Create a list of categories only
  • There was some concern over of the services that will be offered to students after these cuts are made.
    • What is the level of service that can be provided versus providing all services?
    • With the last round of budget cuts in 2013, there was an understanding that with their approval, the college may not function like we were used to.
  • Timeline:
    • During the month of February review and analyze the data
    • During the month of March discussion with SSPBT committee
    • Have the recommendations ready to submit to the Finance Office by April 6, 2018.
    • Cheu said that she and Martin would be happy to meet with the Student Services managers to assist with this process and any questions they may have.

SSLO Updates

  • During accreditation they found that some classes did not have the approved SLOs
    on the syllabus.
  • Everyone needs to review their SLOs that they have on record to make sure they are current. The syllabi cannot have any extra text in that area that has not been approved.
  • Part of the analysis for the budget cuts should include the impact on the SLOs.
  • The deadline for corrections is two weeks from now, February 16, 2018.
  • Avila also presented her SSPBT Winter 2018 update that she made to the
    Academic Senate.

Program Review Tool Presentation – Agenda Item moved to next meeting

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