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SSPBT Meeting Notes - March 15, 2018

Attending Members: Booye, Doan, Glapion, Kirkpatrick, LeBleu-Burns, Mandy, Mieso, Robles, Shears,
Shively, Ward, Wethington, White-Daniels

Guests: La Donna Yumori-Kaku, Precious Gerardo

There were no amendments to the notes or to the agenda.

Before the presentations began, questions were asked about the process and that the budget discussions should take place after all of the presentations have been completed.

  • The Budget Process & Timeline document was brought up and reviewed.
  • It was decided that no discussions would take place today as scheduled but would wait until the next meeting when the final presentations are made.

Mieso stated that everything will be looked collectively regarding the budget; empty positions, carry forward, conferences, contracts, etc.

Financial Aid Budget Presentation

  • Financial Aid can receive a penalty if they go below their Maintenance of Effort (MOE).
    • They have had two penalties in the past and had to submit a plan on how they
      would not go below their MOE again.
  • Their Pell budget fluctuates and their BOG has gone down due to lower enrollment.
    • BFAP went down about $21,000 from last year
    • This is their first decrease in the last 7 years
  • Every dollar they use must directly benefit the Student Financial Aid (SFA)
    program administration.
  • They do have mandatory trainings but have cut down on the number of attendees.

Budget Reduction Request: $20,000
Budget Reduction Obtained: $20,000

  • $20,000 Office Assistant salary/benefits re-allocated to Pell Admin

Full Presentation

Outreach Budget Presentation

  • Lost $200,000 in SSSP funds due to lower enrollment.
  • The position move is not supplantation; the person will have duties limited to the requirements of the funding source. This person will now have to limit regular outreach activities such as scheduling high school visits.

Budget Reduction Request: $80,000
Budget Reduction Obtained: $83,706

  • Move 1 FTE to a vacant Student Success Specialist

Full Presentation

Counseling Budget Presentation

  • The faculty, staff, and Dean will absorb work done by vacant positions.
  • Longer wait-times, check-in times, and telephone response
  • Will not have dedicated staffing and activities, services associated with special populations such as foster youth, undocumented and at-risk students, and undeclared majors.
  • Delays in implementation of programs with transfer such as mobile advising, Transfer Tuesdays, classroom presentations, etc.
  • Fulfilling many student success initiatives cannot be accomplished within
    reasonable timeframe

Budget Reduction Request: $1,030,000
Budget Reduction Obtained: $1,030,000

  • 6 1 FTE faculty positions (vacant & TBD), 2 1 FTE classified positions (vacant & TBD)
  • Some B Budget


A request was made that at the next SSPBT meeting Guided Pathways, AB 705, and non-credit classes be on the SSPBT agenda.

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