Meeting Notes - March 17, 2010

Review Agenda, Notes, Meeting Time

There were no additions to the agenda and the notes were approved as amended.
Cook proposed a change in the meeting time. The group agreed to change the SSPBT meeting time from 2-3 p.m. to 1:30-3 p.m. until further notice. The next meeting will be Wednesday, April 7 from 1:30 – 3 p.m.

Review SSPBT Membership, Co-chair, Charge

The group reviewed the current make up of the membership. LeBleu-Burns working to find students from DASB to serve for the spring quarter. Changes proposed – replace the Dean of DSPS with Director of Outreach, Rob Mieso; delete Program Head – Grant funded, add Jim Haynes, Program Head. Regarding the co-chair position, Cook suggested a recommendation to College Council that the SSPBT co-chair not be limited to faculty and would be elected by the committee.
LeBleu-Burns moved that the co-chair for the SSPBT not be selected by the AS, but by the members of the SSPBT and not limited to faculty. Any member of the committee could be elected co-chair. Hunter seconded the motion. Haynes proposed an amendment to the motion – add a faculty at large and a classified at large member. The motion was approved.
Haynes recommended further discussion regarding the role of the SSPBT members, SLOs/SSLOs, the use of Robert’s Rules or consensus for meetings.


Haynes provided a DRAFT document - De Anza Student Service Learning Outcomes - indicating fields to be included in a database for easy accessing when a system is in place. He encouraged everyone to share completed SSLOs and to review web sites with completed SLOs. He will provide information about where SSs is regarding SSLOs at the next meeting.

Proposed Realignment

Cook reviewed the recommendation from College Council that a prioritized list of positions targeted for elimination be submitted to the Board for approval, which would extend the positions for one year. The list of targeted positions will be reviewed and prioritized by each PBT and submitted to senior staff for review and a final decision. Cook SSPBT member to review the list and discuss with their area. The input is needed by Monday, March 22. Members need to communicate by email.

Other Items

Marquez distributed and reviewed suggestions for questions to be used at the Teaching and Learning Conference, developed by a sub group of the SSPBT.

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