Meeting Notes - April 21, 2010

Review Agenda & Notes- The agenda for the meeting and the notes from the April 7th meeting were reviewed and approved.

Measure C Update - Jones-Dulin provided an update on Measure C projects on the campus.
We are in the design phase for - Print Shop, ATC, Master Plan Landscaping, Lighting, Pathways, ADA Project, New Signage
The design for the Mediated Learning Center is complete and awaiting approval from the state. Completion date fall 2012 or winter 2013.
Projects happening right now include:
Construction of bicycle storage the RSS building.
TV station renovation, which will become home for the police sub station, ETS, receiving for mailroom and bookstore receiving.
Students are working on plans to move DASB offices to the Financial Aid space, once vacated, and enlarging the Student Council Chambers.
Shade for Parking lots A&B this summer.
The completion of the Mediated Learning Center (LEED Bldg.) will create a new quad, including 13 classrooms (net gain is 10), for Anthropology classes, Distance Learning, Staff Development and TV center. The space must be used for instruction only, no programs. Program needs will be reviewed for priority.
Plans include completion of the construction for Measure C by 2013 (Measure C continues to 2020). State will not give money for programs, only instructional space.
There is no more land available on the campus for buildings, so the college will look at renovating existing buildings, i.e. L9 to make it three stories.  
Remaining Measure C funds will be used to complete Measure E projects. Check the Measure C web page for future updates.

SSPBT sub group report - Group reviewed the report (handout) regarding purpose, goals and responsibilities for the SSPBT. Cook shared that on competing the SSPBT process and recommendation for the number of members, it will be presented to College Council, then Murphy and finally on the SSPBT web page.
Cook commented that program space needs determined by Program Review should be included in the core values. We need a context statement for the core value statement. The sub group will work on a statement to bring back to the SSPBT. (look at including the De Anza Vision Statement).
Haynes suggested updating the De Anza Value Statement of 1990 (handout)
NOTE -- regarding decision-making. If a vote is needed the group will decide how the vote will be taken - paper versus a show of hands.
Ideas for communicating information –
Hunter - develop a summary of the meeting to distribute to the others.
Custodio – forum page – would need to be monitored
Suggestion - check with Mowrey about ways to communicate a brief summary
Action for the sub group
1) core values
2) orientation and trainings for members
3) open meetings
Haynes suggested an open house for the SSPBT
Postponed discussion on the goals for the SSPBT to the next meeting.
Committee Reports
DARE - Hunter provided an update. Plans include focus groups. They hope stakeholders in the process will come to DARE meetings, re assessment from students and faculty, i.e. A&R, Creative Arts, Language Arts, EDC, Financial Aid, Learning Resources. This is important because of the connection with Student Services. 
Summary & Agenda Items
Continue discussion of SSPBT goals
Bring ideas and suggestions for communicating information (check with Mowrey)

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