Meeting Notes - May 11, 2011

Attending: Beckum, Booye, Cole, Cook, Corrao, DASB, Glapion, Haynes, Hunter,

 LeBleu-Burns, Marquez, Mieso, Moberg, Moreno, Patlan, Poon

Guests: Castillo, Chung, Perezalonso, Thai

Reviewed Agenda and Notes

There were no additions to the agenda. Notes from the May 4th meeting were approved as amended.

Continued Discussion of SS Core Services –

Castillo provided a handout (De Anza Core Students) and reviewed the results of ways we can preserve as much of our student services for students as possible.

There was a suggestion to look at models successful for students, i.e. Financial Aid and cohort groups.

Cook asked for more discussion around retention.

LeBleu-Burns – Look at Life long learners possibly taking the place of new students.

Moberg – A &R could assign students in cohorts a code, then we can track their needs and ask Instruction when they can offer the classes students need. Work with Early Alert to offer interventions for students in cohorts having problems with their classes.

Discuss how we can make programs college wide (MPS, SSRS, EOPS), where students are tracked and provided assistance via Freshman Year Experience.

Mieso suggested developing a process to move students successfully through the system; an outline of how we serve students from start to finish.

Patlan concerned about following through and staying committed to a process for 2-3 years with decreasing funds. Cook confirmed we are working with and providing basic services now without the need for additional funds.

Identify faculty in each area willing to participate in a cohort, i.e. DARE members.

Castillo suggests encouraging students to use the policies and procedures developed (provide them with the information), reassure them that we will be here for them and that if they follow the policies and procedures, they can complete their goal in two years, which addresses one of our goals - Helping students be more self-reliant. 

Cook commented this ties into AB740 - getting students through to completion.

Cook will discuss the direction we want to follow with Espinosa-Pieb. Plans include Instruction/SSPBT meeting to discuss what the core services are for students.

LeBleu-Burns suggested a retreat including Instruction, DARE members, SS and Institutional Research to continue the dialogue.

Mieso suggested reviewing other college documents to help define our ideas.

Moberg asked if IR could provide a sequencing of classes.

SLOs – Hunter reviewed some information about the SLOs.

Agenda for the next meeting May 182011

-Invite Newell to the next meeting

-Continue discussion of core services

-Review budget proposals for recommendation to the College Council

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