Meeting Notes - May 25, 2011

Attending: Booye, Caballero de Cordero, Cole, Corrao, Glapion, Haynes, Hunter, LeBleu-Burns,  Marquez, Mieso, Moberg, Moreno, Patlan

Guests: Chan, Perezalonso, Thai  

Reviewed Agenda and Notes There were no additions to the agenda. Notes from the May 18th meeting were approved.  

UpdatesCampus Budget - At the recent Campus Budget meeting it was reported that the state reduction maybe less than what we are proposing. If so, what will the procedure be for revising the budget reduction proposals? 

Review Budget Reductions Proposal for College Council:  Cook reviewed the most recent draft of the Student Services budget reduction proposals including changes for review. Discussion included: Financial Aid will need number of students in certificate programs, persistence rate, etc. by September for reporting to the federal government. Concern regarding DSP&S and Counseling courses that would be cut and what it means to FTEs; need input from Instruction about whether this information has been included in the reduction numbers. Include the amount saved from the change in ISP. Add a line about BFAP funds and Cal Grant for Financial Aid. Format the list with each area and the consequences; add this is the worst-case scenario based on what we were asked to do. As the amount changes, the list can be revised.

Discussion of Core Services:  Reviewed work on the list of core services for students and how information can be identified electronically. The state is also considering ranking students for enrollment 1,2,3. Planning would include percentage of time for those in each group. Need further discussion about how to present the information. Concern expressed whether we would have the tech support to follow up. Suggestion – Review cohort group data and if students are not moving forward, what is getting in the way. Hunter emphasized that we need to have this discussion with instruction. Present an outline of a cohort group of twenty ISP students and what their needs are for the next three quarters (use educational plans) and give to instruction. Suggestion to start a conversation with the Academic Senate. Student Services faculty on the Academic Senate would ask to put this on the Academic Senate agenda for discussion with the new Academic Senate leadership. SSPBT agreed to move forward with the concept of core services for students.  

Agenda for the next meeting Wednesday, June 1,, 2011 Continue discussion of core services.  

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