Meeting Notes - May 5, 2010

Attending: Beckum, Booye, Cook, Corrao, DASB (Custodio), Espinosa-Pieb, Glapion, Haynes, Hunter, Irvin, LeBleu-Burns, Marquez, Mieso, Moberg, Moreno, Patlan

Review Agenda and Meeting Notes - The agenda for the meeting was approved and the notes from the April 21st meeting were approved as amended.
Welcome New Members - Cook welcomed Vicky Moreno, appointed by the Academic Senate, as the co-chair for the SSPBT. Cook and Moreno will work together to develop the agenda for the SSPBT meetings.

SSPBT Goals & Chabot Consensus Statement - The group reviewed the draft of the SSPBT goals and Core Value statement dated April 30, 2010 and the Chabot College Consensus Statement. They agreed to adopt the Chabot policy for the SSPBT. Input: Under Goals and Projects - number six, capitalize the word Institutional. Under Responsibilities: add orientation for all team members. Under SSPBT membership add numbers for each group. Change Classified Staff to Classified Professional. For Goals and Projects, use bullets instead of numbers and change the order - #5 - #2, #2 - #3, #6 - #4, #3 - #5, #4 - #6. Next steps - finalize the document and add membership term. Cook will review the list and take to the College Council. Add one at-large member from ACE and Classified Senate.
SLOs & SSLOs - Haynes suggested adding two meetings to work on SLOs and Program Reviews. The group agreed on May 26 and June 9.
He also shared the process Instruction has developed for prioritizing information that aligns with the Accreditation Cycle, Program Review and SLOs. Cook asked if there is a De Anza Program Review handbook. She suggested De Anza integrate SLOs into Program Review and develop a handbook explaining the process, criteria to make decisions and prioritizing needs for student services. Haynes needs to know which SS areas have written their SSLOSs. He would like a one-page update on each SS LO including what they did every year.
Cook proposed the group start reviewing SSLOs for input into Program Review and a handbook. She will send some links from other colleges. Consider using the Instruction Program Review Annual Update form and include institutional data.
Haynes suggested reviewing the SSLOs to determine if they are what we want.
Action = Haynes 1) Ask SS areas to send their SSLOs for review by the the SSPBT, 2) send out a draft annual update for SS by the end of the week, 3) Look for IPBT criteria information and bring the proposed form and information to the next meeting.
Question – how is SS curriculum prioritized? 

Proposed Realignment - Cook is meeting with areas possibly affected by the SS realignment, to find out what will and won’t work and will report back to the SSPBT on June 2nd. Moreno asked Cook to attend a Counseling meeting to address the concerns of the counseling staff.

Commitee Reports - Patlan provided an update from the April 22nd Campus Budget meeting. The group discussed district grant proposals, what worked and what didn’t, obstacles to overcome to secure a grant and that grants are district wide. Suggested a clearinghouse to assist staff and coordinate the signatures.
Mieso - DARE Task Force is continuing their discussion around assessment (DARE focus for the quarter) and encouraged everyone to attend a meeting. Let Hunter know of students that would like to participate.
Cook on Standard IV – first meeting on April 30. Next steps include assigning areas, reviewing reports from other colleges.
Marquez - Classified Senate – holding a joint all day retreat with Foothill on Friday, May 7th.
Diversity Advisory Council meetings are now held on alternate Wednesdays. They are looking at a statement and purpose and the importance of keeping it on campus, determine what roles are, now that it is split between Norte, the dean and the advisory committee, asked people to attend to give input.

Summary and Agenda Items - Cook provided an update on the request for articles for La Voz from SS, which she has shared with LaVoz. She encouraged everyone to continue to send ideas for articles, for future LaVoz articles or the SS Newsletter.

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