Mission Statement - De Anza College provides an academically rich, multicultural learning environment that challenges students of every background to develop their intellect, character and abilities; to realize their goals; and to be socially responsible leaders in their communities, the nation and the world. The college engages students in creative work that demonstrates the knowledge, skills and attitudes contained within the college’s Institutional Core Competencies:
 • Communication and expression
 • Information literacy
 • Physical/mental wellness and personal responsibility
 • Civic capacity for global, cultural, social and environmental justice
 • Critical thinking — Updated Spring 2014

Meeting Notes - June 4, 2015

Attending: Claros, Cook (co-chair), Kirkpatrick, Mandy, Mieso, Robles, Shears, White-Daniels

There were no amendments to the agenda or the notes.

Program Review – Financial Aid (cont)

  • Starting July 15th the BOG Fee Waiver will go through the CCCApply application.
  • Education Plans should be assisting students with their goals and staying on track.
  • Incorporate Financial Aid information into the Orientation and also work with Outreach
    to assist in getting information to students.

SSPBT Questionnaire

Stacey gave an overview of the upcoming questionnaire that will be sent out to help improve the meetings for next year. The questions will be sent out early next week and then the results will be discussed at the final meeting.

Staffing Requests

A list will be compiled of the staffing requests from SSPBT members.

Mieso: Four positions for Admissions & Records since they have had many cuts over the years. The average staff for a school our size is a about 20 and we have around 12. All of these positions will be cross-trained to cover each other.

  1. Evaluation Specialist
  2. Enrollment Specialist
  3. Veterans Enrollment Specialist
  4. Generalist Enrollment Specialist – front desk area

Cook: Two positions also for Admissions & Records.

  1. Assistant Director
  2. Instructional Liaison

SSPBT Team Wrap-up

Cook thanked the teams for all of their hard work this year. The work will continue in the SSSP Advisory Committee next year.

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