Meeting Notes - May 18, 2011

Attending: Beckum, Booye, Caballero de Cordero, Cole, Cook, Corrao, DASB, Glapion, Haynes, Hunter, LeBleu-Burns, Marquez, Mieso, Moberg, Moreno, Patlan Guests: Castillo, Chung, Perezalonso, Schooler, Thai, Whelan

Reviewed Agenda and Notes - There were no additions to the agenda. Notes from the May 11th meeting were approved.

Rumors – Cook stated that no managers have been told to talk to staff about reductions in salary and work hours, understanding they will be addressed at the bargaining table. She also state she has not been talking with the director of HOPE about closing the program, that this isn’t true!

State Budget Update – Cook will forward the summary from the State Chancellor’s Office about the May revise. She confirmed the need to continue discussions about budget reductions for Student Services

Amount of Reductions – Cook reviewed the list of proposed Student Services budget reductions indicating a short fall of $546,289. Plans include recommending to College Council that ISP revenue remain with the college (salaries); then to the district and the Board for approval. This would reduce the amount we are short to $107,111.

Castillo emphasized the proposal is a worst-case scenario for 2012-13. Next year we will revisit the budget situation and adjust the reductions where possible.

LeBleu-Burns commented that we have time to plan for reductions because we have funds for 2011-12. SSPBT agreed to send the proposed budget reductions to College Council, stating that the amount of reductions are as close as we can get to 30% across the board. It was noted that some Student Services programs went to 32% reductions.

Cook confirmed with each SSPBT member that they understood that we are going forward with the proposed budget reductions for each area in Student Services, even with the $107,111 that can’t be met. Cook will provide a summary for review and input.

IPBT will review Instruction budget reduction proposals Thursday, May 19. Cook encouraged people to attend. Cook will review Counseling course offerings that could be eliminated in the budget reduction proposal. Caballero de Cordero commented Counseling would review the Counseling budget proposal at their meeting today.

Haynes, regarding DSP&S offerings, will follow up with Norte, MCC about adding Sign Language to the ICC course offerings for 2012-13.

Input for the narrative - Patlan and Haynes suggest including what the reductions mean to services and students. - Marquez suggested including core services for students. - Mieso include concern about the loss of staff and what it means. 

Cook asked Castillo to provide wording around the core services. Patlan recommends the next step discuss what can be restored. Moberg suggested developing a flowchart to see where the problems will be in getting students to their goal.

Haynes emphasized the importance of Program Reviews as planning moves forward. Regarding SLOs Haynes announced every program in SS has completed an outcome statement for their SLOs.  

Agenda for the next meeting May 25, 2011Continue discussion of core services  

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