Technology Training

Are you unfamiliar or uncomfortable with technology and technology terms? Do you just want to brush up on technology terms and shortcuts? Do you want to learn more about creating accessible technology? Here is a link to a Padlet graphic organizer with technology basics and shortcuts.

Fall Technology Training Workshops

Check back for upcoming technology training workshops. All technology training sessions will be held in MLC 243.

Forms (Google, Omni, and Adobe Acrobat)

Find out which form software program will best suit your needs when creating a form to collect data, send a survey, or have people register for an event.

Presentation Tools (PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, and Sway)

Presentations can easily become monotonous; using these eye-catching presentation tools can help engage your audience in your presentation.

Gamification - The Basics

Gamification is a simple way to motivate your learners, engage your learners, and help your learners better retain information by implementing gaming terms and techniques. In this session, you will learn how simple changes can make a big impact on your learners.

iPad Apps for Education

The amount of apps available for educational purposes can be overwhelming. In this course, you will learn about some good quality apps that you can use to meet your educational needs.


Screencasts are videos that record your computer screen and allow you to record audio while capturing what is on you computer screen. You also have the option to include a webcam video of yourself while capturing your computer screen. Screencasts can be useful if you want to show people how to use a software program, show a presentation with your audio throughout the presentation, or make people online feel as though they are able to interact with you. Screencasts are ideal for online courses to make a better connection with your students.


iMovie is a free software program that allows you to edit and create videos from pre-recorded videos, images, or slides of text. iMovie works great with screencasts to be able to edit your videos and add slides of text into your videos.

Fall Technology Training Registration - coming soon

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