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Physics Department

Course Outlines

A list of the physics courses and their curriculum outlines as taught at De Anza College.

Physics 10 (PDF file)
Conceptual physics survey for the non-science major; minimal math skills needed but see the prerequisites for the detail. Fulfills general education for science.  Lecture only.

Physics 50 (PDF file)
A preparatory class for physics 4A. Lecture only.

Physics 2A
Physics (mechanics) with minimal calculus. Fulfills the general education requirement. Physics 2A, 2B, and 2C are for the health science major, but 2A also serves as a prerequisite for 4A. Lecture and lab.

Physics 2B
Continuation of the 2 sequence. Electricity and magnetism.

Physics 2C
The final quarter of the 2 sequence. Covers optics, thermodynamics, and modern physics.

Physics 4A
Physics (mechanics) for scientists and engineers. Includes calculus. Fulfills the general education requirement.

Physics 4B (PDF)
Electricity and magnetism.

Physics 4C (PDF)
Optics and thermodynamics.

Physics 4D (PDF)
Modern physics.

Physics Building:  S31
Contact: David Newton
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