Winter 2021 De Anza College

Email sent Feb. 17, 2021

Important Info About Pass/No Pass and Excused Withdrawals

Dear Students,

The deadlines for requesting Pass/No Pass or an Excused Withdrawal have been extended, in consideration of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. All withdrawals will be treated as excused, as long as you follow required steps. This means

  • You can request Pass/No Pass for classes taken in the current quarter, or retroactively for classes taken in winter, spring, summer or fall of 2020.
  • You can request an Excused Withdrawal for the current quarter or retroactively for fall 2020.

This may be helpful if you feel your academic performance has suffered because of disruptions related to COVID-19 and health officials’ orders to stay home. However, there some important things you should consider before requesting Pass/No Pass.

  • Some transfer universities may not accept Pass grades for credit or major requirements.
  • If you receive a Pass grade, you will not be allowed to take the course again.
  • Once you request Pass/No Pass for a course, you cannot change back to a letter grade.

If you request to have your grades converted retroactively to Pass/No Pass for courses taken in 2020

  • A grade of C (including C plus) or higher will be converted to Pass
  • Any grade below C (including D and D plus) will be converted to No Pass

To learn more about these important considerations and how to submit a request, visit our Special Rules webpage for Pass/No Pass and Excused Withdrawals.

Special Rules for P/NP and EW   Best wishes,
De Anza College

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