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Business, Computer Science,
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Departments and Programs of Study

The Business/ Computer Science/ Applied Technologies Division offers a variety of programs in the following areas:


The Accounting department offers a wide variety of classes in the area of Accounting including Financial Accounting, Managerial and Cost Accounting, Auditing, Government and Non-Profit Accounting, Payroll and Business Tax, Federal Income Tax and Computer Accounting Systems. In addition to the aforementioned subject areas, they also offer classes that allow the individual to learn how to use Quickbooks and the Peachtree Accounting software packages. Students interested in pursuing a career in Accounting may obtain certificates and degrees in the areas of Accounting and Bookkeeping.



The Business department offers a wide variety of classes in the area of business including Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Human Relations, Personnel Management, Business Plans, International Business, Leadership, E-Business, Advertising and Marketing to mention a few. Students interested in pursuing a career in Business may obtain certificates and degrees in a variety of different areas including Business Administration, Management, and Marketing Management.


Computer Aided Drafting 
& Digital Imaging

The Computer Aided Design and Digital Imaging (CDI) department offers a wide variety of technical classes in the area of CAD and digital imaging that allow individuals to either acquire or upgrade their CAD software skills. CAD software related classes include but are not limited to SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER and AutoDesk products including AutoCAD. In addition, the CDI department offers several different certificates in the areas of AutoDesk, Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks and Computer Aided Design which, when taken together, can lead to an Associates Degree.


Computer Information 

The Computer Information Systems department offers a wide variety of computer programming, web development, database administration, systems administration and networking classes for both the transfer and vocational student. Our current computer programming and web development classes include such languages as C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, Visual Basic, ASP, PHP, and Javascript. We also offer courses centered on Oracle, Linux, Windows administration, CISCO networking, and Project Management.


Real Estate

The Real Estate department offers a wide variety of real estate courses ranging from Real Estate Principles to Real Estate Practices, Appraisal, Finance, Investement and Legal Aspects. The statutory courses required for the individual seeking to sit for the California Real Estate Sales license and California Real Estate Broker's license examinations are offered as part of the curriculum.  The program is ideal for the ideal seeking to enter the real estate profession and for the individual seeking to learn more about real estate as a prospective homeowner or real estate investory.

Business/ Computer Science/ Applied Technologies 
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