Thinking About Technology: Blog or Website

Draft day: Wednesday, Nov. 22. Final version due: Monday, Nov. 27

Computer Kid


The final product for this assignment should be either a Blog or Website, and 300 or more words of analysis of your blog or website. For detailed advice on this project, see pages 672-673 of Re-Mix, “Blogging as a Form of Critical Analysis.”

On Monday, November 27, by the start of your class, you should have sent an email to Ms. Patton with the 300 or more words of analysis and a link to your blog or website. I expect at least as many webpages or blog entries as there are readings (eight).


Your entries or web pages should respond either directly or indirectly to the eight readings on Technology. Some may make connections between/ among the readings. There is no requirement for seriousness. You may satirize if you like.

You may use this opportunity to write fiction, a filmscript, or poetry, but a main topic within that writing should be technology as constructed within our readings and it should still refer directly or indirectly to the readings. For example: TV pilot of a doctor and her bionic house-husband living on Mars and trying to protect their teenage daughter ButterflyCrystal17 from hordes of stalking MySpace admirers outside their glass dome.

What we will do on draft day

We will meet in the computer lab to share work in small groups.


100 points possible. 10 points for bringing having your entire project in rough form on draft day. 20 points for style, originality, and hard work. 30 points for direct references to or responses to the eight readings. 10 points for being very, very specific. 10 points for your 300 words of analysis. 20 points for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Ways to enliven your blog:
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